San Diego District Tennis Association Offers Unique Tennis Play Day


When most people think of tennis court surfaces, concrete, clay, and grass come to mind.  But with today’s variety of low and regular compression tennis balls (foam, red, orange, green and traditional yellow), tennis can be played on just about any surface – even Astroturf!  So on March 28th, volunteers from the San Diego District Tennis Association, assisted by San Diego Tennis Service Representative Karen Ronney,  set up 15 mini-courts on the Navy football field at the 32nd Street Naval Station and facilitated a family-friendly Tennis Play Day for the thousands of military families who came to enjoy the annual “Spring Fling”.  Along with a massive egg hunt, a fun run, carnival rides, puppet shows and more, the tennis balls flew back and forth as kids and their parents discovered the joy and ease of playing tennis with the modified equipment and balls.  Everyone was thrilled to learn of this new approach to making tennis so easy and fun for beginners of all ages, and hundreds took home information on future tennis play dates and summer tennis programs across San Diego County for adults and kids alike.

Steve Kappes

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