Holy Team-Ups! Dynamic Duo juniors launch in San Diego

The SCTA’s very first Dynamic Duo challenge crowned its inaugural champions at Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego, closing out a memorable year of Junior Tennis in Southern California. With teams comprised of one boy and one girl, each pair competed with other Dynamic Duos in mixed doubles and gendered singles in a tournament that garnered excellent tennis, positive reviews, and admirable sportsmanship.

Finalists in each division were:


(12s) Savo Simic & Alyssa Ahn (champions) and Rachel Lee & Sasha Kremliovsky (finalists);

(14s) Hunter Lynch & Anna Petrescu (champions) and Rohan Murali & Caylie Cruz (finalists);

(16s) Isabella Foshee & Noah Zamora (champions) and Justine Dondonay & Matthew Lanahan (finalists);

(18s) Matthew Sah & Amy Huang (champions) and Carly Schwartzberg & Eric Kats (finalists).

Much of the positive feedback came from parents, who enjoyed the opportunity watch their kids in such a unique team format. The two-day tournament also reflected positive sportsmanship and spirited on-court competition.

Many of the players were local to San Diego, where high level tournaments and team events are less accessible than other regions of Southern California. For most, USTA Zonals and Junior Team Tennis are the only outlets for competitive team play.

The SCTA plans to develop further Dynamic Duo events in 2019 at various other venues throughout Southern California.


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