Teaching Pro Spotlight — Mark McCampbell

Teaching Pro Spotlight — Mark McCampbell

A fixture on the tennis scene in Ventura County for the past 25 years, Mark McCampbell didn’t have to go far to find a new home and continue his profession as a tennis director and teaching pro.

Last fall, McCampbell took a mini leap, leaving the Oxnard Tennis Center after more than 25 years to accept the Director of Tennis job at the Las Posas Country Club in neighboring Camarillo.Mark_McCampbell_Head_Tennis_Pro

The move was bittersweet for McCampbell, who had built OTC into one of Southern California’s most active and flourishing tennis centers for both juniors and adults.

“It was just time to make a change,” said McCampbell, who grew up Ventura and still maintains a partnership with mAcademy tennis programs partner Dave McKinney. “Las Posas just made a lot of sense. It’s something that has been established for a long time and has a good staff behind it and a good membership, but at the same time a lot of opportunity to grow and get bigger.”

McCampbell continued: “From the great catering to the great fitness to the the pool and the incredible golf, which can only enhance anything I do tennis-wise, Las Posas is really a gem of a club in Southern California. It’s an amazing place and a place where I can spread my wings and continue to build its already healthy membership.”

While being the director of tennis has a way of keeping a tennis pro at heart at his desk, McCampbell still wants to spend most of his day on the court. “I love to do programming, and being on the court,” he said. “I’m really active in getting our programming out there. I feel a little like Al Pacino in ‘The Godfather’. Just when I think I’m going to get off the court, they reel me back in. I still love coaching and I’m still on the court 25 to 30 hours a week. I’m happy to do the off the court stuff too, but still on the court quite a bit.”

Since October, Las Posas has already hosted several VCJTA tournaments and practices for the local USTA 14-and-Under Competition Training Center team that McCampbell has helped coach for the past 17 years.

McCampbell is also the Chair of the SCTA Coaches Commission. McCampbell explains his role this way: “I’m in charge of getting the top coaches in SoCal together to help form policy and get the top minds together to make sure we are offering the best product we can when it comes to tennis programming and player development.”

McCampbell also recently coached the winning SoCal team to victory over NorCal in the annual Maze Cup co-ed team competition, wrestling back the Cup after NorCal had won it the two previous years.

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  • Hi Mark

    Remember me; I work for you in Oxnard and Port Hueneme, 15 yeas ago.
    I am the Director of Tennis in Yucca Valley, CA. Located 30 miles above
    Palm Springs. Married and have a House here, after leaving Oxnard area.
    I have increase Membership & Programs sense stepping in to help out a
    few years ago.
    Glad to hear you are still at it, as you have given me a chance to prove my
    self worth.
    I still play competitive Doubles down in Palm Springs, in the Winter, and Captain 2 Senior Teams. I do quite well with players in my age group.
    You are invited, as my guest, anytime that you want to come up here.
    A greatfull friend, Al

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