Community Spotlight: Tovi Mosey

The hard part completed, Tovi Mosey and her non-profit tennis association have recently been enjoying the six refurbished courts in her community of El Cajon.

Mosey, 47, and a lifelong San Diego County resident, said the past five months have been spent playing and coaching at Montgomery Middle School. Mosey’s non-profit One All Tennis ( had a lot of help in getting the courts fully functional and playable.

Tovi W kids Fall Festival

“While my advocacy efforts pushed the district to refurbish the courts, I would not have been able to do it without support of the SCTA staff, Pam Shriver and the Greater San Diego City Tennis Council,” Mosey said. “For the last five months, I have taken a break growing the game and enjoying the fruits of my labor, playing and coaching on the new courts.”

Mosey said she is now back to work on a plan submitted to the local school district in May 2013. It was at that time that she realized there were no public courts available for her ever growing new tennis community to play.

“We want to continue to grow the sport of tennis so that it rivals baseball, soccer and football as a sport youths want to learn, ensure it becomes lifetime sport for families by encouraging parents to play,” said Mosey, who she her inspiration all along has been former professional tour player Valerie Ziegenfuss, her coach and inspiration to rebuild tennis in East County. “We want tennis festivals to become an annual community activity for years to come.”

Senator Tovi-Bruce Fall 2013
Ben Press (Greater SD Tennis Council, Valerie Ziegenfuss, California Senator Joel Anderson with Tovi B. Mosey, Bruce Hunt (SCTA Executive Director).

Another one of her goals is to run a local Junior Team Tennis team through the non-profit. “We also want to organize a level 4 CTA that partners with the school district and the city to maintain and operate the tennis courts during and after school hours,” Mosey said. “Programs will range from youth NJTL sessions to USTA adult leagues and maybe one day 8U tennis tournaments when I can get one of the courts converted to four minis.”

The reason Mosey’s tennis festivals have been so successful is that she gets the parents involved. “They are always included in the festivals we do,” she said. “That’s sort of our hook.”

Mosey’s third tennis festival was attended by California Senator Joel Anderson.

Mosey was born in San Diego, but moved to El Cajon at age 8. “Tennis was my community,” she said. “We always hung out at the courts. I’m a firm believer in it. That’s what we did all weekend long was play tennis. So that’s what we’re trying to rebuild here.”

09.20.13 Festival

Another attainable goal? To form a local USTA Junior Tennis Team out of the non-profit group. “That’s a three-year plan, and in five years we hope to have a really strong team,” Mosey said. “JTT is our next step. I’m not sure how far we can go. But we want to have more opportunities for our kids to play.”

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