USTA Logos Get A Facelift!

New Junior Team Tennis Logo

junior-team-tennisMegan Angeletti, USTA Section Marketing Strategist, noted, “We have slowly rolled out the USTA ‘Find Yourself in the Game’ logo. It is now being used widely and we are seeing great success in its adoption, which has prompted us to look at how this logo applies to all areas within the organization (departments, programs, etc.).  The crux of our approach is to begin to slowly transition additional program logos and marks to a FYIG ‘family’ of logos, to ensure a consistent look and feel, encouraging brand recognition and better visibility.

First out of the gate, necessitated by the program name change, is the Junior Team Tennis logo. You’ll see that ‘Junior Team Tennis’ is spelled out and the logo incorporates the look and feel of the USTA ‘Find Yourself in the Game’ effort. Please note that moving forward, Junior Team Tennis will have Junior spelled out on all platforms.”

Click here to download the updated Junior Team Tennis logos.

If there are questions, contact Anette Padilla at

(Updated Junior Team Tennis Marketing Collateral is available on the free Marketing Resources Page at

Anette Padilla
Manager, Marketing

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