Terry Bell wins 2017 League Captain of the Year

Veteran League Tennis captain Terry Bell is the 2017 Section League Captain of the Year. In a new effort to showcase the section’s best tennis leaders, the SCTA started collecting nominations from the Area League Coordinators for each league season. Out of 40 nominations, eight captains were chosen as the winners for each of the SCTA’s various league seasons.

Terry Bell with Ventura League Coordinators Bob and Betty Isenberg

These eight captains were each named the 2017 Captains of the Year and were honored at a luncheon hosted by the SCTA in Orange County on February 26th. It was at this luncheon that the overall Section League Captain of the Year was announced.

Bell, a captain for over 20 years, has led a team in every league division each year on record. As a captain and active player, he has helped maintain the 3.5 and 4.0 men’s teams running at North Ranch Country Club. He promotes a positive team environment with a focus on great sportsmanship, but also great competition. He’s known to mentor new captains and players and has proven to be a great leader on and off the court.

“We are excited to nominate Terry Bell,” Bob and Betty Isenberg wrote in their nomination letter. “We cannot imagine anybody more qualified or more respected. His dedication to USTA/SCTA Adult Leagues is unmatched in Ventura County, and probably in Southern California.”

The seven other Captains of the Year are:

2017 League Captains of the Year

Joyce Kammer of San Diego¬† – an “old school” captain who loves every aspect of managing the team. In 2017, she bravely and successfully fought ovarian cancer. Her players supported through her illness and as soon as she was able, she was back on the courts taking charge of the team. Joyce is an example of how tennis and the relationships made through tennis can help you through your darkest times.

Sesille Kay of Inland Empire – her name has never been mentioned in any complaint or dispute in 1o years. She is the model of a tennis enthusiast and captained teams in the Mixed 18, Mixed 40, and Adult 55 and over leagues. She is responsible and friendly and well-liked by all.

Norma Iskenderian of Beach Cities – started a non-profit workout on Sunday mornings. It’s low-cost and gives new players a way to get into the game and find league teams and hitting partners. She is a real advocate for growing the game.

Lynn Hertz of Ventura – a stickler for the rules who at one point had to manage two 3.5 women’s teams when she had too many players for one team. She did this until she had mentored a new captain to lead the second team. Her knowledge of the game and regulations has made her a reliable committee member on sportsmanship committees.

Andrea Tieng of Los Angeles – began playing league tennis as a 2.5 player and shortly after began captaining in the various divisions in multiple league areas. She is dedicated to her teams and helps all of her teammates become better players. Andrea’s players say she is fair, supportive, and encouraging.

Mark Bauer of San Diego – is a key resource for men’s leagues in San Diego. He is committed to growing the game in his area and has stepped up to act as a mentor to captains in his area. As a team leader, he ensures all of his players has an equal opportunity to play and supports his team at every match.

Kay Serrano of San Diego North County – an important leader in senior tennis. Kay has worked to bring players back to the game after years away. Kay is organized, gracious, consistent, kind, mindful, and smart when it comes to organizing tennis.

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