Tennis in 10 Designed to Jumpstart Adult Beginning Tennis in Southern California

The number “10” was magic for Coach Ajay Pant when he designed his adult beginner program. Tennis in 10 is a promise that its participants will be able to do just that…learn to rally in 10 minutes. It is a methodology that is partially based on the USTA’s 10-and-Under Tennis program but includes adaptations for accelerated progressions when applied to older learners. Pant recently led a comprehgroup shot balls in the airensive workshop for about 20 participants at the StubHub Center in Carson. The event was hosted by the Southern California Tennis Association and participants arrived from Ventura to San Diego Counties.

Tennis in 10 is a four-step curriculum that starts with a few introductory free or low cost lessons. The second phase is a continuing series of multi-week lessons using the 18- by 36-foot court with the red or foam ball. Participants gradually advance to the orange ball on the 21- by 60-foot court and later to the green ball on the full court. Additional third and fourth segments include specifics on marketing, networking and communication with players.

“We are not looking to teach students the perfect forehand,” said Pant, the General Manager at College Park Tennis Club in Maryland. “Our goal is to help newcomers learn to rally in 10 minutes and enjoy the game of tennis.”

For more information about the Tennis in 10 program, call SCTA Executive Director Bruce Hunt at 310-208-3838. Also, please visit our San Diego Facebook page at

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