Tennis – Adding Years To Your Life, And Life To Your Years

There are many opportunities for people of all ages to get into tennis and continue to play this sport. But are we doing a good enough job giving consumers reasons to play?

tennis-industry-assocTennis is one of the only sports you can play all your life, from the youngest ages to the oldest. As tennis providers, we all know the sport has healthy benefits that will keep your body fit and your mind sharp.

But how do we get that message across to regular consumers, who don’t (yet) wake up every day thinking about this sport? We need to give people reasons to play tennis that are simple and direct, that everyone can get behind. We need to tell people tennis is great for whatever ails you, and if nothing is ailing you right now, tennis will keep it that way. We need to tell people that tennis gives you all the benefits of working out in a gym, but it’s much more fun, exciting and social.

Tennis can be the answer to virtually any type of issue. Want to lose weight? Want to get in better shape and tone muscles? Want to keep your mind sharp and reduce stress? Want to make more friends and expand your social network? Think tennis.

The bottom line: Tennis not only is the sport for a lifetime, but it’s the sport for a longer, healthier and more complete lifetime.

Read the full report: Tennis – Adding Years To Your Life, And Life To Your Years.

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