Sip ‘N Serve Gives San Diego Millenials New Home For Social Tennis

USPTA Pros Matt Previdi and Amanda Fink are quintessential millennial tennis coaches instrumental in bringing the sport to players ages 21 to 35 through the SCTA’s new Sip ‘N Serve program in San Diego. The duo paired up to host the four-week series event at Balboa Tennis Club. The goal was to combine fun, tennis and social time, a winning trifecta for approximately 25 local participants to the iconic Morley Field tennis courts with the support of Head Pro Geoff Griffin.

“This was an awesome way to give people a chance to play and socialize who are not involved in traditional tennis like clubs and lesip n serve 4 groupagues,” Fink said. “It was a successful format for every level of play because it was really fun and very affordable.”

The Sip ‘N Serve Series is USTA Southern California’s (SCTA) take on a nationwide initiative to engage young adults in tennis. No USTA membership is required to participate. In fact, it’s encouraged that players bring non-members out to play. It’s a non-competitive tennis program that encourages networking and social tennis. The series is open to anyone and everyone who loves tennis or is looking to learn how to play. Some programs are geared more heavily toward match-play and some are structured like an adult clinic with drills and games. No matter the format, after tennis the group heads to a local sports bar for more socializing.

After the 1.5  hour Sip ‘N Serve sessions, Previdi and Fink led their posse to Crazy Burger in North Park
for food and drink. It was close to the courts and inexpensive. They also went to Coin Op Game Room, a unique plasip n serve sd 2 groupce to enjoy food and adult beverage as well as play classic arcade games like Ms. Pac Man and Donkey Kong. “We were all products of the 90’s and this was a blast,” said Previdi,also a vocalist in the 90’s cover band called Saved By The 90’s.

Sip ‘N Serve is not about teaching technique to players that are hard-working young adults. It’s a fun way to get exercise and enjoy the sport. “These people come out to sweat, swing a racket as hard they can, and just play,” said Previdi, who was the USPTA Coach of the Year for San Diego in 2010.“They don’t want to stop and hear instructions.  It kills the mood.”

Some of the many excuses organizers heard from participants included: “I don’t have a racket.” “I didn’t play in college.” “Oh, but I’m just a beginner.”  Previdi and Fink had the perfect answers to those concerns.  “We provide everything for you,” said Previdi. “We’ll give you rackets, balls and court time. We don’t care if you played high school or college tennis and we welcome beginners. Everyone has to start somewhere. Why not at Sip ‘N Serve?”

The second season of Sip ‘N Serve is offered from January 24 to February 28, 2016,  on Sundays from 5 to 6:30 pm at Balboa Tennis Club. The fee for the six meetings including nine hours of play is $60 for the total package. For more information, contact Matt Previdi at

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