SCTA Adjusts Grand Prix Points for New Format Tournaments

The Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) is encouraging more play in a shorter time frame for players participating in the NTRP tournament divisions.  Starting in February 2015, a number of tournaments offered the “New Format” option, which allowed players to enjoy multiple matches against a variety of opponents.  The matches were shorter than in traditional tournaments.  Depending on the number of players, some divisions were divided into flights, with flight winners advancing to the second day of play.  There are many variables in these new tournaments and tournament directors will choose whichever format is suitable for the number of players in a particular division.

To give these New Format Tournaments credibility, the SCTA Adult Competition Committee decided that all matches played would count toward seeding, year-end ranking, and NTRP Grand Prix eligibility.

The NTRP Grand Prix point distribution for the traditional tournaments is posted on the SCTA website here.

After reviewing a number of New Format Tournaments, the SCTA has now established a new and equitable way to assign Grand Prix points. This point assignment system was created to be fair to all players, whether they participate in new format tournaments or traditional tournaments or a combination of the two.

To keep it fair, New Format NTRP Grand Prix points are now distributed differently.

This is the new policy for point distribution for the New Format Tournaments:

In flightKNP_2397s of three or more players, leading up to a playoff, each win will be worth 10 points.

Points in the flight playoffs will be distributed based on the aggregate number of players in the division.  For example, if a division has 12 players, the winner and finalist will get the points they would have earned in a traditional Draw of 16, which are 140 and 80 respectively.  The other players who participated will get 10 points per win.  Every player who completes their matches gets 5 participation points.  Participation and win points will only be tallied once. If there are flights and a consolidation draw, there will be only one set of points for that one tournament.

If there are five to eight players in just one flight, the winner will get 80 points, the finalist 40 points, and the others will receive 10 points per win.  In a round robin of three or four players, the winner will get 40 points, the finalist 20, and the third place player will receive 10 points if he has earned a win.  Again, everyone will also receive five participation points.

The rules for defaults are the same in both traditional tournaments and New Format Tournaments. If you default for any reason, at any time during the tournament, you will not receive any points or credit for the tournament.

This is a work-in-progress.  The SCTA will be experimenting with this point distribution through 2015, and we invite your comments as we go along.

*The changes to player NTRP Grand Prix points will be reflected in the next point update in mid-September.

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