New Formats For NTRP Tournaments

The world today is a very busy place for active people – and that includes tennis players.  The SCTA  realizes  that time is a precious commodity, and we have some plans to move away from 2-weekend tournaments to more 1- and 2-day tournaments.  We hope this will encourage more people to stay with competitive tennis, and introduce new players to the tournament scene.

Our new Strategic Plan has as one of its goals to increase Adult tournament play.  We have begun to put one of our ideas into our tournament schedule – New Format Tournaments for NTRP players.  When you see a tournament with that designation, you can expect that it will be only one or two days, and that you will play at least two matches against players at your NTRP level.  We cannot specify which New Format a particular division in a particular tournament will play because everything depends on the numbers of entries in a division.  Here are some examples:  If there are 12 players, they might be divided into 2 flights of 6 and each player would play against each other player in his/her flight on the first day (5 matches), with the flight winners coming back for a Playoff on the second day;  or if there are 8 players, the Tournament Director might play a compass draw, again offering multiple matches for the players; 4 players could play a round robin or a double elimination; 3 players would play a round robin.

Since the goal is to play multiple matches in a day, short formats will be used.  These could include one set, one pro set, 2 short sets (to 4 instead of 6) and a TB, or any variation that the Tournament Director thinks would work for the event.  The idea is that the players would play a number of different opponents (no more “one and done”), meet new people and have a bit of time to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere, and be done in a relatively short time.  It is important to know that all matches will count toward ranking.

We invite you to enter a New Format Tournament, and invite a friend to go along with you and be introduced to tournament tennis and have a day of fun competition.

Any clubs or facilities who are interested in offering a sanctioned New Format Tournament may contact Annette Buck at the SCTA office ( , and we’ll figure out a date for you.  We are hoping that this becomes popular among the players, and leads to increased participation in NTRP tournaments.

We also welcome feedback from Tournament Directors and players.