Living Legends in our Community

A Celebration during Black History Month 


Honorees: (L-R) Don Bly, Ted Lumpkin, Earthna Jacquet, Jean Richardson

Harvard Park and the Pete Brown Scholarship Fund celebrated Black History Month on February 20, 2016  by honoring seven outstanding tennis players. Titled “Living Legends in our Community” the list of recipients did not disappoint. Those honored at Harvard Park in Los Angeles included: Don Bly, Earthna Jacquet, Mel Lewis, Ted Lumpkin, Jean Richardson, Larry Smith and Dee Williams Horne.

Hosted by Delores Simmons and Marty Woods, the program included exhibition tennis as well as the celebration of the accomplishments of the individuals. As Delores Simmons said: It is important to look back at history and see the progress that has been made and how the ATA (American Tennis Association) opened tennis avenues to Black players. It was the organization that they depended on. In time, players were able to join groups breaking the color barrier. It was a long process, but like the USTA, the ATA had a high bar set for players, so when they did move up it was because of their ability and talent.”    CLICK Here for the Legends BIOs

Attending the event included Richard Hawkins, a long time member of Harvard Park Tennis Club and an active ATA member; Jerome Jones, who was a friend of Arthur Ashe and helped set up the NJTL program (Safe Passages) at Home Depot; Maurice Hunter, long time tennis player now competing in tournaments; and John Hall, a 30-year member of the Harvard Tennis Club.

The Southern California Tennis Association is proud of the work being done at Harvard Park, by Harvard Tennis Club President Alyce Brown and by the leaders of the Pete Brown Scholarship Fund.

Jean Richardson
Jean Richardson
Marty Woods & Don Bly
Marty Woods & Don Bly
Don Bly & Daughter D'Arcy Bly
Don Bly with daughter D’Arcy Bly
ted Lumpkin
Ted Lumpkin
Brown fam Jim Buck
Mrs. Pete (Theresa) Brown, Vanessa Brown (Pete’s daughter), Jim Buck(SCTA Board of Directors)
Richard Hawkins, Jerome Jones, Maurice Hunter, John Hall, and Marty Woods.
Richard Hawkins, Jerome Jones, Maurice Hunter, John Hall, and Marty Woods.

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