Driven…A Daughter’s Odyssey

As the new year is right around the corner so is another tennis book for all you hungry tennis fans to check out…Driven…A Daughter’s Odyssey by Julie Heldman is a must read.  Julie Heldman was a tennis icon both on and off the court, winning 22 pro titles, multiple Olympic medals and earning a top-five world ranking. But all that winning didn’t mask the fact that she was battling personal fears of inadequacy and mental illness, as well as competing in the shadow of her mother, tennis great Gladys Heldman.  Her memoir talks about her life journey both on and off the court…her multi-faceted careers in tennis, broadcasting, law as well as being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  In her memoir, Heldman, now 72, takes a look back at her journey of victories and defeats as “living on a razor’s edge — damned if I won, damned if I didn’t.”  Driven…A Daughter’ Odyssey is available at

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