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1. Daniel ReinhartTennis On Campus Spotlight – Daniel Reinhart

Most everyone knows the Tennis On Campus (TOC) Program offers a fun opportunity to socialize in college. With multiple practices a week, long team road trips and the fierce competition throughout the season, your teammates become your family whether you like it or not. Fewer people, however, are aware of another benefit Tennis On Campus provides-an opportunity to apply what you’re learning in the classroom to your life on the tennis court.

Daniel Reinhart, Co-President of the University of California Santa Barbara Tennis Club, is a senior studying computer science. Now into his second year as Co-President, Reinhart knows what works and what doesn’t. He quickly identified a flaw in the member registration process for his club and is now using his programming skills from college courses to design an app to streamline the system.

“Last year I had a difficult time managing member contact information,” Reinhart said. “So, I’m creating an all-in-one app that will make managing club teams for me and other sport club managers effortless.”

The idea for the app came to Reinhart after he spent hours trying to decipher handwritten contact information collected at a school involvement fair. After dozens of email bounce-backs each quarter, he started the design process. Fast forward a few months later and the app is almost complete, allowing a user to enter a player’s photo, name, email, skill level, phone number, as well as payment status. Reinhart is also working on a feature to allow data sharing among multiple devices.

“I’m hoping to release this app to the Apple App Store soon and get as many people using it as possible,” Reinhart commented. “Perhaps I could make some money doing it too.”

Right now, Reinhart is gearing the app toward tennis. He’s even had a meeting with National TOC Manager Glenn Arrington to discuss opportunities to bring USTA features into the app. It was a conversation Arrington was happy to have.

“We’ve always been proud of the organizational and leadership skills that are developed through club tennis programs,” Arrington said. “It’s even more rewarding when our players use their talents to help us try to improve the overall ‘experience’ for others.”

In the long run, the hope is to create an app that club managers in all sports can use. Reinhart imagines a seamless registration process. Players will enter their own information on an officer’s phone or tablet. Three or four officers will collect information at the same time and when all the information has been collected, it will then be exported and shared with the appropriate parties. Reinhart is also considering a social element for the app. It would allow club managers and players to communicate about practice times and upcoming events, a feature that would be very marketable across the board. The app is turning into quite the resume booster for Reinhart.

“We’ve seen a surge of TOC players entering the tennis industry in a variety of positions and areas,” Arrington noted. “There has never been a better time for a young person to get engaged in all that tennis can provide. We’re constantly looking for fresh ideas and innovation. This group has that!”

Reinhart’s plans for after college are still up in the air, but whatever he ends up doing, he knows TOC will have served him well.

“My Tennis On Campus experience has taught me how to be a leader and I’ve developed valuable social skills,” Reinhart said.  “In the tech industry, leadership is a very valuable skill to have, and thanks to TOC, I feel much more confidant. I know I can apply the experiences I had as part of the TOC program to jumpstart my career!”

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