Champions of SoCal Tennis: Pete Brown Jr. Tennis Program

Each week we visit our Champions of Southern California Tennis – those who go above and beyond to promote and grow the game throughout SoCal and beyond. These individuals and organizations deliver the game of tennis to a variety of audiences, often in places where the significance of tennis goes far beyond the court itself. As we share their stories with you, we commend their ongoing efforts to grow the game and make positive, life-changing impacts on those they touch.

The Pete Brown Jr. Tennis Program (PBJTP) was established to provide children in the inner city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas the opportunity to succeed while playing tennis. The program is built on a foundation of many people, including the Brown family, board members, program advisors, coaches and community members. These people work together to provide junior tennis players annual assistance.

PBJTP provides children ages of 5-18 with free supervised on-court tennis instruction and training. Children are never turned away from the program and will be provided shoes if they do not have a pair. PBJTP also provides all equipment to participants, including racquets and tennis balls.

In remembering the late Pete Brown and his work, coaches of PBJTP serve as mentors and role models to children who participate in the tennis programs. Coaches strive to display and emphasize the importance of hard work, determination, and perseverance. Additionally, coaches of PBJTP provide life lessons to children for use on and off the court.

Photo Courtesy of Pete Brown Jr. Tennis Program

Experienced players in PBJTP participate in an extensive and highly organized program. Drills, instruction, and match play help PBJTP advanced players prepare for USTA and other tournaments in the area. PBJTP also integrates Academic Creative Engagement (ACE), which encourages success in academics and health. By incorporating ACE, PBJTP is helping develop children through a “loving environment.”

Children who participate in PBJTP are able to play at various venues, consisting of universities and private clubs. PBJTP also hosts a number of events, including the Frank Simmons New Year’s Day Tourney in January, the Living Legends of Our Tennis Community in February, the Pete Brown Level 5 Tournament in May, and the LaRhonda Amos Children’s Holiday Celebration in December.

Along with developing tennis players at an early age, PBJTP also establishes an environment that encourages sportsmanship, character, and integrity, following the ideals of Mr. Brown and his family.

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