Can Creating New Adult Players Fast Help Your Business?


“What’s new in 2017 for the SCTA?” is actually a repeat opportunity that debuted in 2016. 

It’s called “Tennis in 10” (TNT) and it is a program to create new adult tennis players. 

The title comes from the goal of the initial session of the program which is to teach adults how to rally during the first ten minutes of the class.  Rallying with a friend is part of the fun of tennis and TNT puts the fun at the beginning of learning to play.

The SCTA is offering grants to tennis teachers that will offer a series of no or low-cost tennis lessons for adult beginners using Red-Orange-Green balls.  The title of the program, “Tennis in 10” (TNT), conveys the goal of having the adults rallying with each other in 10 minutes during the first lesson.  Echo Park and Morongo Basin Tennis Association have signed up for 2017 after having success as the first SoCal sites for TNT in 2016. 

The SCTA provides a complete business plan for the tennis provider who wishes to expand his or her business in the beginning adult age group.  There is a limited amount of grant money available so interested tennis providers should contact me at 310.208.3339 and ask for more information about how to start TNT on your courts.

Download the Tennis In 10” (TNT) Program Overview

Bruce A. Hunt – Executive Director
Southern California Tennis Association

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