CaliCAMPUS: Meet Britta Mosser, UCSD Tennis

Britta Mosser used to watch her older sisters competing at Malibu Racquet Club, and knew that one day she’d find herself on those same courts, competing in junior ranks with aspirations of her own collegiate career. A three year Tri-Valley MVP while at Malibu High School and now a senior at UCSD, Britta has made that dream a reality.

“I’ve been playing my entire life,” she says. “I don’t remember life without tennis.” From North Ranch Country Club to Pepperdine Tennis Camp, and her own experience at Malibu, Britta developed into a solid singles and doubles player, compiling a winning record in both during her UCSD tenure.

“She’s got a great work ethic,” says coach Liz LaPlante. “Over four years she’s become smarter, along with power. She has patience to go along with a big power game.”

In tandem with her athletic prowess, Britta was drawn to UCSD for their academic programs. In what she calls “the best of both worlds,” the tennis program (like all UCSD sports) has a strong focus on academia. “The coaches expect you to succeed in academics,” she says.

With a career goal in nursing, Britta credits collegiate tennis as giving her a fresh perspective on competition and teamwork, one that she will take with her both on and off the court. “Growing up, it was just me and my mom and dad going to tournaments,” she recalls. “Now I’ve learned to work as a team. I’m a team player now.”

Britta and the UCSD Tritons meet Stanislaus State on Saturday at 11am, at UCSD. Visit the team website here.

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