Beyond the Score: From Giant Slayer to Open Mike, Vinci Highlighted Spectacular Year In Tennis

By Lisa Thomas

According to a New York Times in mid-December, Roberta Vinci’s U.S. Open semifinal performance and the great game of tennis were considered one of a small handful of performances that amazed during the year.

From his Culture desk, Wesley Morris wrote that Vinci, “Seamlessly went from giant-slaying to open-mike night at the Comedy Cellar.”

She was great.  Even today a couple of months on, few tennis fans want to swallow Serena’s loss, especially so close to her calendar-year Grand Slam attempt but you have to admire Ms. Vinci.


Her game was inventive and her spirit infectious.  It is very nice to see our game highlighted by this venerable news establishment and it is good that the attention is for all the right reasons.

Tennis embodies so many great things.  It is tough, it requires physical stamina and expertise with equal parts mental and strategic focus.  It gives you some of the best, most memorable moments and then can leave you humbled and understanding of your place as the perpetual student of the game.

Finishing off the year with The New York Times pick of Roberta Vinci is a great way to capture all that is good about our game.  While it is demanding on us as spectators and players it gives back ten-fold.  When we have the opportunity to watch a fighter who then lights up a stadium with her laugh and joy, nothing beats it.

Ms. Vinci is by no means the only player worth the accolade.  2015 has seen so many young players excel, teams surpass goals and pros establish themselves on the court.  More than anything highlighting her performance is good for all of us and reminds us to get out there and play.  We live in the best place for tennis year-round and as a sport few can compete with the complexity and utter joy the game can offer.

So get out there, Southern Californians.  Enjoy the Holidays and take some time to enjoy our great game.  #Ichoosetennis.

About the author: Lisa Thomas is a 25-year communications consultant working globally with multi national high-tech and biotech companies.  She is an avid tennis league player and mother of two high school varsity athletes.  Lisa graduated from Griffith University in Australia and is now a 20-year resident of La Jolla, California.

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