Adult League Registration Underway

New Dynamic Disqualification Process Implemented

The spring registration period is coming to a close for the Adult 18 & Over league seasons across Southern California. Now is the time to dust off your racquet and get in the game!

We are welcoming our first event under new league restructure this month. The Mixed 18 and Over Playoffs will be held Apr 29-30. Cal State Northridge will host the North Area Playoffs, while South Area

Playoffs will be held at Lakewood Tennis Center.

All local league winners will advance to an area playoff. In the event there are four or less areas competing at a NTRP level, the local league winners will advance directly to Sectionals.

Local League Winners in Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, and San Gabriel Valley will advance to the North Area Playoffs. Local League Winners in Beach Cities, Orange County, Inland Empire, Coachella Valley, San Diego, and San Diego-NC areas will advance to the South Area Playoffs.

Teams will be placed into flights at the playoffs, and a round robin format will be used. The winning team in each flight in the North Playoff and the winning team in each flight of the South Playoff will advance to the Sectional Championship.

Also for 2017, the SCTA has revised its NTRP Dynamic Disqualification Procedure.

SCTA will run dynamic ratings during USTA league seasons for Adult 18, 40, and 55+. Self-rated players or players with appealed ratings are subject to dynamic disqualification.

At the local level, players who meet the criteria for NTRP Dynamic Disqualification will be immediately promoted to a higher NTRP level. Matches played will stand. At Championship level, SCTA will run dynamic calculations following the conclusion of the championship and disqualify those players who meet  the criteria for NTRP Dynamic Disqualification. Matches played will stand.

We are looking forward to another great year on the courts and we thank you for participating in the USTA Adult Leagues!

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