8th Annual ATA Western Sectional Tournament was a huge success!

The 8th Annual ATA Western Sectional Tournament was held in Las Vegas April 17-19, 2015, sponsored by the Pacific Coast Championships (PCC). All who participated said it was agreat success. ┬áNot only was it 8th Annual ATA Western Sectional Tournament great┬ácompetition but a variety of fun social activities were also offered. A few of the activities included a luau with tasty Hawaiian food, games and dancing, a group dinner and show, and a brunch. Part of the success of the tournament was contributed to Destination Tennis Travel Club, a member club of the PCC, who provided a “Party Bus” from San Diego and Los Angeles to Las Vegas. They also arranged the hotel accommodations which participants said “was absolutely great and at such a reasonable cost!” Attendees came from California, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington and even as far as Puerto Rico!

The tournament consisted of singles, doubles and mixed doubles and was USTA and ATA sanctioned. The ATA, American Tennis Association, was founded in 1916 primarily to provide an avenue for competitive tennis for African Americans and other minorities who were not allowed to participate in the USTA. Greats such as Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson were examples of products from the ATA annual national tournaments. Now of course participants are from all ethnic groups. A wonderful display of the rich history and heritage of the ATA was on exhibit during the tournament.

A highlight of the tournament was a Super Senior Tribute match with players in their 80’s who have been avid players for the majority of their lives. All who were present welcomed them with great respect and appreciation.

Plans for the 9th annual Vegas tournament will soon be underway. The ATA is also preparing for its 100th anniversary celebrations which will span over 2016-2017. Please join us! For more information contact Lisa Braboy at 310 621-5961 or Iris Van Sciver at 323 573-2203.

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