Junior Collegiate Commitments

Constance Branstine
Constance Branstine

After traveling throughout California and the US, (and in some cases the world), playing tournament after tournament, the seemingly unreachable has been reached. Juniors are now announcing their commitments to play collegiate tennis in the fall.

The selections varied depending on individual academic needs and tennis program appeal. The choices covered a full array of intercollegiate Division I, Division II Division III, NAIA and Community/Junior College programs.

The boy’s commitments included:

Ryan Cheng
Ryan Cheng

Zac Brodney – Indiana
Patrick Cachapero – Quinnipiac
Max Cancilla – Pennsylvania
Ryan Cheng – Yale
Victor Cheng – MIT
Bradley Cummins – Redlands
Sam Feit – Gonzaga
Pedro Fernandez-del Valle – Denver
Ben Goldberg – UCLA
Gui Gomes – Illinois
David Goulak – UCLA
Bjorn Hoffmann – California
Brandon Holt – USC
Marc Isaia – UCSD

Emma Higuchi
Emma Higuchi

Mitchell Iwahiro – UC Davis
Matthew Lee – Navy
Sreeganesh Manoharan – UCSD
Jaird Meyer – Chicago
Nikita Pereve – Army
Connor Rapp – UCLA
Andres Reyes – Arizona
Joseph Rothera – UCSB
Billy Rowe – Vanderbilt
Adrian Alvarez Sanabria – Seattle
Riley Smith – USC

Bjorn Hoffmann
Bjorn Hoffmann

Jonathan Star – Tulane
Garrett Vincent – Brigham Young U
Mayson Xue – Army
Jason Yeam – CMS
Evan Zhu – UCLA

The girl’s commitments were:

Claire Bouquet – Cal Poly
Constance Branstine – Texas A&M
Kristina Breisacher – UC Davis
Katrina De Guzman – SCAD-Atlanta
Caisey Lee Emery – LMU
Camille Favero – Virginia
Isabella Garvanne – Wheaton (MA)
Alyssa Grijalva – Colorado State

Ashley Lahy
Ashley Lahy

Emma Higuchi – Stanford
Devon Jack – Brown
Libby Jubas – Washington-St. Louis
Sara Khattab – UC Riverside
Jay Kim – Pomona-Pitzer
Jennifer Kingsley – Sonoma State
Angela Kulikov – USC
Jovana Kuljanin – Boise State
Ashley Lahey – Pepperdine
Rebecca Lin – Marion Military
Jenna McDonald – Colorado College
Emily Maxfield – Utah
Natalia Munoz – Long Beach State
Maredine Redick – Albion
Layla Rodriguez – Quinnipiac

Billy Rowe
Billy Rowe

Alyssa Rudin – Chicago
Anne Selim – Oklahoma
Siena Sharf – LMU
Ena Shibahara – UCLA
Juliana Simon – Brown
Kalani Soli – North Texas
Sharlene Song – MIT
Haruna Tsuruta – Gonzaga
Arianna Tulbury – UC Irvine
Brandy Walker – Northern Arizona
Emily Zargham – Rhode Island

Congratulations to everyone who made a commitment to play on the next level. It is important to now turn your attention to finishing the school year academically and athletically strong, so that when fall arrives you are fully prepared for a new tennis adventure.

Caveat: All the information in this story was obtained from tennisrecruiting.net (as of April 7th) There may be some changes or additions, after this piece is published. Please contact me at tkronemann@scta.usta.com with missing or incorrect information.

Trevor W. Kronemann
Director of Junior Tennis


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