An Amazing Day On The Courts In Santa Ana

It started with an idea, a sort of “what if” followed by some brainstorming and research and the 1st Annual Adaptive Tennis Day presented by the Santa Ana Kiwanis Club, the SCTA and the Santa Ana Unified School District became reality.

All the hard work and preparation paid off, resulting in over 135 kids from the Santa Ana Unified School District hitting the courts at McFadden Intermediate School.  Kids in wheelchairs, deaf kids, kids with Autism spectrum disorder….you name it, they all hit the courts on September 9th and a great time was had by all.  Lunch was served, a DJ played live music, all the kids received medals…it was truly a magical day, bringing tennis to so many kids who had never even imagined they could play the sport.  Not only did tjey learn a little about the sport, but more importantly they learned that they too could play it.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make it happen, from the Santa Ana Kiwanis Club, the Santa Ana Unified School District and local volunteers from the community, to our amazing staff and coaches from the SCTA, our wheelchair players who gave us a great exhibition…there are not enough thanks in the world.

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