Will You Be A Champion For Tennis In 2017?


Webster’s New World Dictionary – yes, the real book dictionary, not the Internet – defines champion as “a person who fights for another or for a cause; defender; protector; supporter.”

I encourage every one of us to be a local champion for tennis.  We need to defend, protect and support our neighborhood and community tennis courts at park & recreation board meetings, city council meetings and community planning meetings.  We need to make sure that the surface, nets, lights, wind screens and fencing are maintained properly, good programming is offered, the courts are utilized correctly and preserved from conversion to skate board parks or used for soccer fields.

You and your doubles partner or members of your junior tennis team or adult league team should put the appropriate community meetings on your calendars and make sure that someone representing tennis is at every meeting that could affect tennis.  Encourage the inclusion of budget funds to provide the upkeep of your tennis facility and create more courts if the need exists.  If you get wind of something that may negatively impact the courts, rally the local players to attend future meetings to lobby for positive actions for tennis.  Start a write-in campaign to the community leaders and inform them that local tax payers that play tennis want their share of funds for tennis.

If you need ammunition about why tennis is worth having in the community, please refer to the information here from a prior article about the benefits of tennis for all ages.  Tennis makes a huge positive difference in every life it touches from players, families, coaches to volunteers, officials, tournament directors, team captains, teachers and facility managers.  Be a champion for tennis in your town and encourage others to be champions with you.  Tennis needs you to defend, protect, support and fight to keep it viable wherever you live.

If you come up against something that you are not sure how to handle, please call Melanie Bischoff, the SCTA’s Director of Community Tennis, at 310.824.5126. and she will refer you to the Tennis Service Representative that serves your community.  We will help you be a champion for tennis.  Thank you!

Bruce A. Hunt – Executive Director
Southern California Tennis Association

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