Make The Backhand Slice Work For You

Utilizing the Backhand Slice

In this tennis tip, we will address the 3 types of slices: defensive, neutral, and offensive. With all 3 types of slices, the main ingredients are footwork and preparation. Often people think of a slice as a “bail out shot” where they don’t have to move their feet. It is important that your feet are set and the racquet is back well before you hit the shot.

A defensive slice is best used when you are off the court in a weak position. This slice should be sent back a little higher over the net and ideally, deep into the court to give yourself more time to recover after hitting the slice.

A neutral slice is used during a point to mix up a player’s timing or to set up a more offensive shot later in the point. This can be used in a cross court backhand exchange to keep your opponent on their toes.

An offensive slice is best used when the ball is shorter in the court or if the ball lacks pace. This slice can be used as an approach shot as well. This slice will need to be hit lower over the net and with a little more pace than the other slices. Look to come in or a chance to be aggressive on the next shot.

Tennis Tip Provided By

Jeff Miller
Director of Tennis
North Ranch Country Club

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