RAMP Tennis PE Celebration at Leapwood Elementary!

RAMP at Leapwood RAMP UP N LEAP Tennis recently held a PE celebration at Leapwood school. RAMP volunteers and friends, including the LA Galaxy Star Squad, traveled to Leapwood and brought tennis, soccer, hit for prizes and music to the elementary school.

RAMP Coaches, Andrew Laing, Nic Noa, Julia Cobian and Rick, plus over twenty volunteer parents, players and coaches including USTAPD coach David Nainkin, Mark Walpole and Nenad Toroman arrived to teach. A special thank you to everyone involved with the event for bringing tennis to the community!

RAMP Tennis is a junior development tennis program established in May of 2013 by tennis enthusiasts and experienced teaching professionals. For more information, visit ramptennis.com. #RampitUp

Tennis with LAGalaxy   Ramp Tennis RAMP Tennis   Galaxy at Leapwood

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