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The CTA Partnership Grant is offered each year to all registered CTAs in Southern California. The intention of this funding program is to help CTAs strengthen their organization, and to support them in growing tennis through partnerships and programming.
Please note that the sponsoring organization or program must be or become a USTA Organizational member prior to receiving funding. Visit to become a USTA Organization.
The Southern California Tennis Association CTA Partnership Grant includes:
1. Description of the SCTA CTA Partnership Grant Instructions (below)
2. Application – Please use the link provided. Budget documents are required and should be attached as part of the online application process. Applications without these attachments will be considered incomplete.
3.  You may submit one application per organization.
4.  Grant recipients should expect unannounced on-site visits by a grant evaluator and must return an accountability report.
7.  Grant recipients are REQUIRED to attend the annual SCTA Community Development Workshop in October.
Applications are due: Friday, April 5 before 5:00pm PT. 

SCTA CTA Partnership Grant Instructions

The mission of the Community Development Committee is to facilitate the creation, further development and strengthening of a network of self-sufficient community tennis organizations, who in partnership with the Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA), establish tennis activities for people of all ages and abilities in every community in Southern California.  Grants are awarded to assist in the initiation or implementation of programs at the community level.
I. Types of Grants and Organization Status
Funding Levels:
– CTAs with an organizational budget of $25,000 or less qualify for $1,000-$2,000
– CTAs with an organizational budget of $25,000 or more qualify for $2,000-$5,000
Grant Suggestions:
A. General Operating Support: A grant made to further the general purpose or work of an organization, rather than for a specific purpose or project; also called an unrestricted grant.
B. Wheelchair Tennis & Special Populations: For creating and/or expanding community tennis programs for the wheelchair athlete or special populations, including persons with mental, physical and developmental impairments.
C. After School Programs/10 & Under Tennis: A grant to start an after school tennis program using the 10 & Under Tennis format or in school tennis program in your community.
D. Community Tennis Association (CTA) Start-Up and Expansion: For expenses related to developing a Community Tennis Association including: Start-Up: incorporation fees, federal tax exemption, 501 © (3), administrative and clerical expenses; Expansion: facility rental, costs of equipment, membership expansion, etc. (Maximum grant is $1,000 for Start-Up Grants)
E. Tennis Newsletter: Start or expand a newsletter for your association.
F. Educational Scholarship: To attend the USTA Community Tennis Development Workshop.
II.  Requirements:
A.  Applicants must be a USTA registered CTA and a current USTA Organizational Member.
B.  Grants will not be given to individuals.
C.  Applicants must be incorporated in the state of California as a non-profit organization, unless
     asking for start-up incorporation funds.
D.  Grant recipients must complete end-of-program report.
E.  Grant recipients are required to attend the annual SCTA Community Development Workshop.
F.  Grant recipients must include an Organizational Budget and a Program Budget.

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