Tennis College Combine

Cerritos Tennis Center sponsors the first College Tennis Combine.

College Tennis Combine is the premier tennis combine designed for assessment of tennis performance skills and attributes of tennis juniors wishing to play college tennis in the future.

College Tennis Combine is the preferred tennis combine for coaches to evaluate juniors because juniors are evaluated physically through (1) performance fitness testing with measurable results through Evo Sports Training and (2) through live match play against comparable juniors.

The College Tennis Combine also distinguishes itself as the ideal event for coaches to evaluate potential recruits because the College Tennis Combine attracts international juniors who normally would not be competing in the USA regularly. It is the ideal way for juniors to make their best impressions in front of college coaches. Implications of one’s performance during the combine can affect perception, scholarship availability and choices for college. Measurable improvements in performance from combines (year to year) display to coaches a dedication and perseverance to improve and get better.

An athlete’s desirability among college coaches is increased based on superior measurable qualities such as speed, agility, power, ideal body fat percentile, and cardiovascular fitness level.

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