CaliCAMPUS: Who Would You Play?


Davenport vs. Perez!

In the final edition of CALICampus for this season, we asked all of our athletes, “In the fifth set, tied at 6-6, on center court at a jam-packed U.S. Open, which player would you most want to play against?”

Nick Borchenko, Loyola Marymount: “Myself. I play against myself in my mind all the time, but that would be playing against myself physically.”

Ryan Brown, Loyola Marymount: “Long-haired, crazy Andre Agassi. He’s my favorite player of all time. It would be such a grind.”

Jada Hart, UCLA: “Serena Williams. We’re two big hitters, and I like to grunt just as loud as her. C’mon!”

Brandon Holt, USC: “I’d want Rafael Nadal… at Roland Garros.”

Dylan Holt, USC: “Arthur Ashe.”

Britta Moser, UCSD: “I’d like to play my teammate, Jasmine (Hosseini). We’re good friends. It would be really cool.”

Jessica Perez, Loyola Marymount: “Lindsay Davenport. She’s also from Orange County. I saw her play once in Palm Springs, and she had a similar game to what I wanted. She hit hard.”

Ena Shibahara, UCLA: “Roger Federer. It would be cool to play him, he’s so crafty.”

Shannon Theisen, UCSD: “Andre Agassi. My grandma and I used to watch him play.”

Eric Tseng, UCSD: “Rafael Nadal. You know that in the fifth set, he’s just gonna get better.”

Justin Zhang, UCSD: “David Ferrer. He’s my tennis idol. I play exactly like him.”


Our SoCal College Tennis coverage continues later in April as we prepare for the NCAA Championships! Go SoCal!

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