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When you think of team sports, do you think of tennis? USTA Junior Team Tennis is ideal for competitive young players, bringing kids together to play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles against other Southern California teams.

Junior Team Tennis promotes values you would expect from any other team sport by fostering a spirit of cooperation, unity, and self-growth. It’s a fun environment for kids to learn that succeeding is not just win or lose – it’s how you play the game.


– Chris Evert

Junior Team Tennis is designed for kids age 6 to 18 at any skill level: Entry, Intermediate, and Advanced Play.

The new JTT season (Sept-Jan) is about to begin, and registration is now underway. Don’t miss out on fall season Junior Team Tennis, developing skills and making new friends along the way. Plus, the season-ending tournament and player party is not one to be missed – over 700 kids convene for one of the most anticipated weekends of junior tennis nationwide!

Want to learn more about Junior Team Tennis in Southern California? Complete the form below, and our JTT Manager will reply directly to you.



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JUNIORS: Begin, Progress, Succeed https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/newsletter/begin-progress-succeed/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/newsletter/begin-progress-succeed/#respond Wed, 27 Jun 2018 05:50:43 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=24679 Read More]]> Henry Ford once said, “Coming Together is the beginning. Keeping Together is progress.

Working Together is success.” At USTA Southern California, the beginning of summer always reflects TEAM.

We have just completed the Sectional Championships for JTT in Orange County with 70+ Teams and 700+ players, along with the Area League Championships for Orange County.

The CTC Cup is back in the hands of South Bay for the first time since 1992 – congratulations to Oliver Messerli and his team. The Inaugural Friendship Cup took place at the beautiful Nellie Gail Tennis Club and crowned the 16s Champions (SoCal Smashers) and 18s winners (Aceholes).

The TEAM theme rolls along as we have just announced our two Intersectional Teams that will represent us in TEAM play in Auburn, Alabama for the Boys and Girls 14s, to be coached by Gary Victor and Trevor Kronemann. Playing for Team SoCal will be Hudson Rivera, Sean Daryabeigi, Marcus Sebastian, Lawee Sheriff, Cindy Ung, Phoebe Peus, Midori Castillo and Katherine Nguyen.

The Boys and Girls 16s Team will compete in Shreveport, Louisiana and will be led by Coach Dave Nowick. The SoCal TEAM roster includes Matthew Sah, Bryan Kulikov, Alex Petrov, Zachary Svajda, Anne Lutkemeyer, Justine Dondonay, Rebecca Lynn and Casie Wooten.

The Boys and Girls 18s teams that will compete in Champaign, Ill. and Claremont, Calif. in July will be rounded out as we wrap up our 116th rendition of the Southern California Sectionals. These teams are the defending Champions and will look to build on this momentum into the Individual National Championships.

Hope you are having a great summer and playing a lot of Tennis. Happy 4th of July to All!

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Junior Team Tennis heads to Irvine for Championships https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/junior-team-tennis-irvine/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/junior-team-tennis-irvine/#respond Wed, 30 May 2018 19:32:41 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=24555 Read More]]> If you’ve never considered tennis to be a team sport, be sure to spend some time at this weekend’s Junior Team Tennis (JTT) Spring Section Championships, where more than 650 players will comprise 88 teams in a two-day USTA sanctioned competition.

The largest contingent of players will come from Orange County, which boasts 23 teams under area league coordinator Heidi Stryker. Orange County has the largest Junior Team Tennis program in Southern California.

This year, the event will be centered at Great Park Sports Complex in Irvine, a sprawling new facility that once served as a US Marine Air Station. Under the direction of City of Irvine Tennis Coordinator Steve Riggs, the Great Park tennis complex includes 24 lighted courts and an additional showcase court, and is home to the Brymer Lewis Tennis Academy. Great Park also includes soccer, volleyball, and various other recreational areas.

The JTT Section Championships (8am-6pm Saturday/Sunday) will play at Great Park, Heritage Park, David Sills Lower Peters Canyon Park, and the Tennis Club of Newport Beach. All tournament sites are free and open to the public.

The event will also feature an Orange Ball Invitational. Orange Ball is a component of the USTA Youth Progression model that incorporates red, orange, and green balls based on a junior player’s emerging skill and development.



More on Great Park:


More on USTA Junior Team Tennis:


Have a child interested in playing tennis? Join the Net Generation!


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JTT Red Ball Team Challenge Series On March 10 https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/newsletter/jtt-red-ball-team-challenge-series-on-march-10/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/newsletter/jtt-red-ball-team-challenge-series-on-march-10/#respond Tue, 27 Feb 2018 01:40:30 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=24081 Read More]]> The USTA Junior Team Tennis program in San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, and West Los Angeles will host a Red Ball Team Challenge Series on Saturday, March 10 at 3:30pm.

The first event is sponsored and hosted by Braemar Country Club in Tarzana, in partnership with SCTA/TGA Premier Tennis.

Players ages 6-8 with some tennis experience are encouraged to participate. The fee for the event is $15/player. Activities will include open play warm up, team play with court monitors, athletic development, parent education, plus snacks and drinks. Players will also be able to access registration for a free USTA membership.

To register before March 8, please click here.


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JTT Championships Bring 700 Young Players to the Desert https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jtt-championships/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jtt-championships/#respond Tue, 16 Jan 2018 22:28:05 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=23108 Read More]]> The Junior Team Tennis Sectional Championships were held January 6-7 in Palm Desert, featuring 92 teams comprised of 700 players between the ages of 8 and 18. The competition culminated USTA SoCal’s Fall 2017 season.

Matches were held under beautiful skies at five locations, including Indian Wells Tennis Garden, Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa, Palm Desert Resort Country Club, Palm Valley Country Club, and the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort.

The event also featured an invitational tournament of eight orange ball teams, representing more than 30 sectionwide. The Invitational showcased the best programs that participated in our 10 & under Orange Ball program during the Fall 2017 season. The squad from Tustin Sports Park, coached by Fabian Grassini, won the 10s Orange Ball competition.

In the 12s (2.9 and under) Division, Andrew Ke, Samuel Wang, and Winner Okey each tallied two wins to lead the Turtle Rock Bronze squad to victory, coached by Ross Holesinsky. Vitali Vasilewski’s 10s Satellite team LNRC saw six players go undefeated, as did Top Spinners Advance in the 14s 3.5 & over Division, coached by Jeannette Lee.

10s Orange Ball Invitational: Tustin Sports Park (Orange County) Fabian Grassini
10s Intermediate: Pierpont Waves (Ventura County) Frank Castro
10s Satellite Laguna Niguel Racquet Club (Orange Co.) Vitaliy Vasileuski
10s Advanced Pure Grit (LA/So.Bay/Long Beach) Richard Nguyen
12s 2.9 and below Turtle Rock Tennis (Orange County) Ross & Lanea Holesinsky
12s 3.4 and below Tiger Tennis (Riverside/San Bernardino) Howard Vo
12s 3.5 and above TLTP (SFV/SCV/WLA) Ben Brunkow
14s 2.9 and below East Main Draw: Breakers (LA/So.Bay/Long Beach) Jeanette Lee
14s 3.4 and below Tracker Jackers (LA/So.Bay/Long Beach) Mahlone Becker
14s 3.5 and above Topspinners (LA/So.Bay/Long Beach) Jeanette Lee
18s 2.9 and below iStringing (Pasadena/SGV) Richard Chen
18s 3.4 and below LJBTC Stingrays (San Diego) Conan Lorenzo
18s 3.5 and above  (San Diego) Ernie Blando

Other winners and finalists from the 14s 2.9 and below modified compass draw (14 teams):
14s 2.9 and below North Draw: Crean Lutheran (Orange County) Di Lin; Laguna Niguel Racquet Club (Orange Co.) Vitaliy Vasileuski
14s 2.9 and below West Pool: iStringing (Pasadena/SGV) Richard Chen
14s 2.9 and below South Pool: La Canada Spartans (Pasadena/SGV) Will Moravec


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San Diego Junior Team Tennis Realizes Huge Growth and Participation in 2017   https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/san-diego-junior-team-tennis-realizes-huge-growth-and-participation-in-2017/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/san-diego-junior-team-tennis-realizes-huge-growth-and-participation-in-2017/#respond Wed, 27 Dec 2017 19:38:15 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=21971 Read More]]>  

14 Advanced National Champions Team Top Gun 2013 RPTC with Conan Lorenzo

The fantastic growth of the USTA’s Junior Team Tennis (JTT) program is a source of pride for many in the San Diego area. Looking back in 2017, the numbers indicate that players and parents are catching on to the benefits of this great program. The statistics tell the story and they say something is going very right in San  Diego JTT.

Leading at the JTT helm is UPSTA Coach Conan Lorenzo, the San Diego Area Coordinator for the Southern California Tennis Association. He stepped in 5 years ago, and that has made all of the difference. There are currently over 80 teams competing in with approximately 1,500 players in the various divisions, levels and age groups.

“The reason I asked to jump in to help with USTA San Diego Junior Team Tennis was mainly due to seeing other areas flourish in Southern California while we were in the back seat,” Lorenzo said. “I felt our division could do a better job with participation while also giving our other sections more competition at sectionals for team tennis.”

One remarkable change  change in the JTT offerings is the use of junior ratings at all levels and expanding Red, Orange and Green divisions. There has been 100 percent growth in Orange Ball and Green Dot JTT participation. Also, the numbers of teams have doubled from the previous year.

“I think we are seeing more coaches get on board with the Red, Orange and Green Dot tennis,” Lorenzo said of the JTT boom in San Diego. “Specifically, the Green Dot players are adapting to this level. As a result, this trickles down to coaching. I believe more pros are using Red, Orange and Green Dot balls in training, matches and tournaments. I think this is terrific for San Diego.”

“Just like any startup program with organizing player levels, there is an adjustment period,” Lorenzo says of the learning curve around player ratings. “We had a few bumps and bruises and it took time to figure things out. Now that the computer has a lot of results to help rate the players more accurately, we are seeing our matches much closer in scores which makes each competition even better!”

Congratulations to all of the San Diego teams for winning their respective divisions below. They advance to the So Cal Sectionals in Palm Springs next month.

Division: 10-and-under Orange Ball and Green Dot Teams

  • Barnes 10U Orange Ball Teams
  • La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club 10U Green Dot Team
  • CTA 10U Green Dot Team
  • RPTC 10U Green Dot Team

Division: 12U Teams of 2.9 Intermediate to 3.5 Advanced

  • Westwood
  • La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
  • Barnes Tennis Center
  • On Point Academy

14U Teams of 2.9 Intermediate to 3.5 Advanced

  • Omni La Costa
  • La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
  • RPTC

Division: 18U Teams of 2.9 Intermediate to 3.5 Advanced

  • RPTC Teams
  • On Point Academy
  • Coronado


U10 Greet Dot Champs La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
18 Advanced NexGen and 10 Sat Flying Aces



Omni La Costa 14U Aces



La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club Aces




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Twice as Nice! SoCal Boys/Girls 18s Sweep National Team Championships https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/twice-as-nice/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/twice-as-nice/#respond Thu, 03 Aug 2017 22:41:10 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=18160 Read More]]> USTA SoCal sent some of our best and brightest Boys & Girls 18s representatives to the National Team Championships, and our teams did not disappoint. Both squads came home with first place finishes, firmly establishing Southern California as a leader in youth player development and team competition.

Facing USTA sections from across the nation, both squads met ample challenges. At Champaign, Ill., the Boys 18s dispatched Hawaii with a 7-0 team sweep, then toppled Midwest in the second round before overcoming Missouri Valley en route to the championship final.  In the final, USTA Southern was no match for #TeamSoCal as the boys posted a solid 5-2 win and hoisted the National trophy.

Closer to home, Claremont hosted the Girls National competition – an ample stomping ground for surging #TeamSoCal. After knocking off Intermountain in the opening round, the Cali girls were too strong for Florida, then swept all six singles match in their showdown with Eastern before squeaking out a nailbiter with USTA Southern, earning their own National title.


Team SoCal Boys 18s USTA National Team Champions

Jake Sands, Timothy Sah, Jacob Bullard, Ryan Seggerman, Caleb Chakravarthi, Ivan Thamma, Bryce Pereira. Coach Grant Chen with SCTA’s Trevor Kronemann.

def. Hawaii (7-0); def. Midwest (7-0); def. Missouri Valley (5-2); def. Southern (5-2).


Team SoCal Girls 18s USTA National Team Champions

Cali Jankowski, Salma Ewing, Kelly Chen, Hannah Zhao, Rena Lin, Jennifer Kerr, Solymar Colling. Coach Debbie Graham Shaffer with SCTA’s Megan Heneghan.

def. Intermountain (6-1); def. Florida (5-2); def. Eastern (6-1); def. Southern (4-3).

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Boyer Leads Junior U.S. Davis Cup Team To Victories In Mexico https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/boyer-leads-junior-u-s-davis-cup-team-to-victories-in-mexico/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/boyer-leads-junior-u-s-davis-cup-team-to-victories-in-mexico/#comments Thu, 18 May 2017 18:27:05 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=13795 Read More]]> Three Southern California natives, including one now training in Florida, recently competed as a three-man team on an international stage as Tristan Boyer, Govind Nanda and William Grant led the USTA 16-and-under Junior Davis Cup team in qualifying victories recently at the premier junior world team competition in Campeche, Mexico.

The team went undefeated in qualifying, and advanced to the Junior Davis finals, which will be held Sept. 18-23 in Budapest, Hungary.

From l to r: Tristan Boyer, Govind Nanda, William Grant, USTA Coach Eric Nunez and Zibu Ncube.

Boyer, who is traveling for the next two and a half months all over Europe to train on clay, said recently from Italy that the familiarity of the team helped. “It really did help because I grew up with these guys,” said Boyer, from Italy. “Even the 14s team and the girls [Fed Cup] team, we all got along. It felt like a real team event.”

Boyer is from Pasadena while Nanda is from Cerritos and Grant grew up in Santa Barbara, but has been training in Boca Raton, Fla., for the past 18 months.

The trio were coached at the Junior Davis Cup by USTA National Coach Eric Nunez. “I had worked with him before but not in this team format,” said Boyer, who also had her personal SoCal coach Zibu Ncube traveling with him in Mexico. “It was different playing a match with a coach on the court. It totally changes the dynamic on the court.”

Boyer is 16 years old and attends Stanford Online school. He is currently playing ITF Grade II events across Europe and said the main goal is to develop his game on clay.

“It feels like I haven’t played a tournament in so long, but it’s been great so far,” Boyer said.

Boyer is among head company as former U.S. junior international team members have included Jim Courier, Andy Roddick, James Blake, Lindsay Davenport and Sloane Stephens. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have also represented their respective countries in junior international team competition.

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Juniors Team Up For Regional, National Competitions https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/newsletter/juniors-team-up-for-regional-national-competitions/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/newsletter/juniors-team-up-for-regional-national-competitions/#comments Tue, 02 May 2017 03:46:15 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=13448 Read More]]> It is amazing to sit back and think about what the SCTA and Junior Tennis have accomplished already in the short duration of 2017. It’s equally fun to consider what lies ahead for the remainder of the year. Our team focus is to continue to work on many different areas within the junior tennis structure, most notably on team events, innovation, and sportsmanship.

Throughout May, teams were finalized for most Zonal, Intersectional and National Boys and Girls 18s teams for the summer events in our section and across the nation, to be held during July and August.       

The Woody Hunt Level 2 Sectional that takes place at the end of May will fill the last two spots for both the 14s and 16s Intersectional events, coached by Gary Victor and Dave Nowick. Those teams will head off to Auburn, Alabama and Shreveport, Louisiana to compete against the other 16 sections within the USTA.

Sectionals will play a big part in the final selections for our Boys and Girls 18s teams, as both finalists will receive automatic bids to the team competitions in Champaign, Illinois and Claremont, California. These teams will be coached by Debbie Shafer and Trevor Kronemann.

Other team events in our section will be the CIF Boys Championships (Claremont), Junior Team Tennis Spring Season Sectional Championships (Long Beach), and the CTC Cup (Claremont).

The Jim Buck Level 1 team event structure will be changing over with a boy and girl from each age division 12s-18s. The selection will be made based on the Sectional Standing List, plus a ‘waterfall’ method with UTR to make up the 16 teams. Points will be awarded on a team finish basis. You must complete the entire event in order to receive your team points.

Along with the Jim Buck team event, the Junior Competition Committee has approved a clay court event at Racket Club of Irvine, in order to give the juniors an opportunity to get quality match play before heading off to the Clay Court Nationals. This will hopefully increase our participation to fill our quota spots for national competition. Surprisingly, Southern California has not filled its quota spots in years, leaving important National Ranking points on the court. With it’s points-based structure, the game on green clay needs only a brief learning curve and transition period, and is not that much different from traditional hardcourts.

We look forward to crowning many Team and Individual champions over the next couple of months and continue our focus on Innovation and Sportsmanship from Youth Progression to College Tennis. Best of luck to all our athletes as they represent TEAM SO CAL!    

Trevor Kronemann / SCTA

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Exciting Finish to All Star Tennis League Spring Season https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/exciting-finish-to-all-star-tennis-league-spring-season/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/exciting-finish-to-all-star-tennis-league-spring-season/#respond Tue, 31 May 2016 18:47:37 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=7024 Read More]]> Final Match Comes Down To Girls Doubles Match

The finals of the 2016 Spring Season came down to the final match of the entire season to determine the winning team. The top 8 boys and top 4 girls in the individual standings qualified for the championships match at Spanish Hills on the final day. The players were split into balanced teams to play the championship match of the All Star League season finale. With the team match tied at 4-4, the final match to decide it was the girls doubles. Helena Insua and Ysebelle Condevillamar were playing for Team Mike against Samantha Condevillamar and Jaden Moriarty of Team Bob. Helena and Ysabelle won the match in a tiebreaker to win it for Team Mike. Also playing for winning Team Mike were Ilya Bolotsky, Chase Currie, Henry Sheck, and Joey Root. The boys representing Team Bob were Noah Laber, Ty Cohen, Zak Logie and Timmy Quest. Players for Team Mike received $75 Babolat product gift certificates while players for Team Bob received $25 certificates. All the other players that did not qualify for the finals played some competitive singles and doubles matches at Las Posas Country Club.

Wayne Bryan with the finalist in the team championships, Team Bob. From left is Noah Laber, Timmy Quest, Samantha Condevillamar, Jaden Moriarty, Ty Cohen and Zak Logie
Wayne Bryan with the finalist in the team championships, Team Bob. From left is
Noah Laber, Timmy Quest, Samantha Condevillamar, Jaden Moriarty, Ty Cohen and
Zak Logie

Season individual winners were Ilya Bolotsky and Zak Logie tied for first while Henry Sheck was second for the boys. Ysabelle Condevillamar topped the girls list and her younger sister Samantha was second.

Wayne Bryan with individual high point scorers for the season. From left, Ilya Bolotsky. Ysabelle Condevillamar, Samantha Condevillamar, Henry Sheck and Zak Logie
Wayne Bryan with individual high point scorers for the season. From left, Ilya Bolotsky. Ysabelle
Condevillamar, Samantha Condevillamar, Henry Sheck and Zak Logie

After all the matches had been played on the final day, all the players and parents met at Las Posas Country Club where Wayne Bryan brought out 14 pizzas for the juniors and parents and then ran some really fun drill courts for the kids and gave out some inspirational advice to all the juniors, parents and coaches. What a great finish it was to another fantastic season, the closest in the standings of both team and individual standings in the history of the 8 seasons of the league.

Wayne Bryan with the winning team in the finals, Team Mike. From left is Ysabelle Condevillamar, Helena Insua, Chase Currie, Joey Root, Ilya Bolotsky, Henry Scheck.
Wayne Bryan with the winning team in the finals, Team Mike. From left is Ysabelle Condevillamar,
Helena Insua, Chase Currie, Joey Root, Ilya Bolotsky, Henry Scheck.

The All Star Tennis League is a competitive team tennis league for ranked junior players held on Monday afternoons at the Spanish Hills and Las Posas Country Clubs. 30 Ventura and Santa Barbara county area junior players are selected each season to compete in the league from the age of 9-14. This was the eighth successful season for the All Star League. The League is supported by Babolat and the Bryan Brothers Foundation. Coaches for the league were Mark McCampbell, Dave McKinney, Steve Beckendorf, Roy Encarnacion and Jennifer Brown. The League will start again for the fall season in late September 2016.

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2015 Junior Team Tennis Spring Section Champs https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/2015-junior-team-tennis-spring-section-champs/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/2015-junior-team-tennis-spring-section-champs/#respond Fri, 26 Jun 2015 20:18:48 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=2997 Read More]]> This spring over 72 teams and 550 tennis players from across Southern California came together to represent their area in the 2015 Junior Team Tennis Spring Section Championships. Jr. Team Tennis offers kids the opportunity to play on teams in leagues that emphasize fun, fitness and friends.

Those values carried through to the Section Championships. Teams competed 10s, 12s, 14s and 18’s in divisions at various levels on the courts at El Dorado Tennis Center, the Stub Hub Center and Long Beach State.  For more information, or to find a team new you, please contact Ken Grassel at Grassel@scta.usta.com or (310) 208-3838.

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Siblings, Siblings, Siblings…Junior Team Tennis Success Story https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/siblings-siblings-siblingsjunior-team-tennis-success-story/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/siblings-siblings-siblingsjunior-team-tennis-success-story/#respond Sat, 14 Feb 2015 01:39:37 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=803 Read More]]> Tennis is touted as a game for everyone. Not only does this mean the inclusion of parents and grandparents, the family concept also involves brothers and sisters. With all of the programs developed and organized by the Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA), it would indeed be rare if there were occasions when family members were not involved in an activity.

The San Clemente Six Terminetters were Junior Team Tennis 12 Intermediate competitors
The San Clemente Six Terminetters were Junior Team Tennis 12 Intermediate competitors

Glen Meloy, a teaching professional at Rancho San Clemente Tennis and Fitness Club has set, what seems to be an industry standard. This past Junior Team Tennis season, he coached the San Clemente Six Terminetters, a 12 Intermediate team from the club, which featured three sets of siblings.

“The team consisted of five girls and one boy,” Meloy said. “George Hakopian, a seven-year-old, was the only boy and he played with his sister Grace, who is ten-years-old. Sisters, Sydney and Kaia Wolfe, a nine and an eleven-year-old combination, were part of the group. So were Brooke and Sydney Donovan, who are eleven and twelve year-old sisters.”

Ken Grassel, who organizes Junior Team Tennis, one of the SCTA’s fastest growing programs, admitted, “I would venture to say that this team is very unique. I know we have had random siblings on the same team, but for an entire team to made up of three sets of siblings and do so well in their local league and make the Section Championships is a rare occurrence.”

Meloy chimed in with more background, “I had been giving private lessons to the Wolfes and Hakopians since early 2013. The Donovan’s began working with me in the middle of the same year. All of the siblings were also attending the Steve Johnson Tennis Academy, which is based at the club.

Glen Meloy with his team
Glen Meloy with his team

“In 2013, Kaia (Wolfe) and Grace (Hakopian) played up on one of my 14s teams. George and Sydney Wolfe weren’t quite ready to play up that much, and I didn’t have any teams in their age group. By 2014, the Donovan’s were onboard. The youngsters, Sydney and George, were making great strides and challenging some of the older kids at the academy, so I felt there was an interesting mix for a 12 Intermediate team.”

Having members of a family on the same team requires the management skills of a trained psychologist, the flexibility of an acrobat and a grasp of a youngsters’ almost ever-changing mindset. Heidi Stryker, the Junior Team Tennis Coordinator in Orange County, described Meloy saying, “Glen is an awesome coach.”

The modest Meloy offered, “I was lucky. They are a great group of kids. I treated them all as individuals, and let them know that they have a pretty special thing going [by] being on a team of siblings. I also remind them that can push each other to get better and better in the years to come.

“Typically, the older siblings, were better, however, the younger ones were hot on their heels, occasionally challenging the older siblings.”

There were, which isn’t in the least surprising, challenges to face. “It wasn’t all easy, though,” Meloy pointed out. “During the Spring 2014 season, we came in third in our flight, and toward the end of the competition, we had some friction between the players especially in the doubles. So I started tweaking the lineup, having siblings play together more. I wasn’t sure if they we’re going to play together again for the Fall 2014 Season, but they pulled together and we took first place in our flight, and got a wild card to Section Championships where we placed third.”

The situation was made even better by what can often be destructive to the team dynamic. “Once again, I was lucky,” Meloy said. “I had a great group of parents who were all on board. They basically told me to, ‘do what you do’.”

The phrase, “one and done” is most often applied to intercollegiate basketball, but in the case of the San Clemente Six Terminetters, it also holds true. When asked if the players would be on the same team in the next Junior Team Tennis season, Meloy said, “Unfortunately, they will not be. Sydney Donovan and Kaia Wolfe are moving up to a 14 Satellite team. Brooke Donovan and Sydney Wolfe will move to a 14 Intermediate team, and the Hakopians are planning to focus on singles tournaments.”

Looking back on the experience, Meloy happily concluded, “I want to applaud the players and the parents for their great efforts. In Junior Team Tennis, you need a minimum of six players to play a match without defaulting any lines. I’ve had other teams with eight to ten players and not everyone could play so we ended up defaulting lines. This team only had six players, and in two seasons, they never missed a match or defaulted lines. This is very rare. Everyone involved did a great job. It was a very unique team.”

Siblings needn’t be in competition with each other; they can compete for each other. And Glen Meloy has proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Mark Winters

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1st Annual Henry Talbert Junior Championships https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/1st-annual-henry-talbert-junior-championships/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/1st-annual-henry-talbert-junior-championships/#respond Sat, 14 Feb 2015 01:00:25 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=752 Held in Palm Desert, CA over Martin Luther King Weekend
The tournament was named after Henry Talbert, the former Executive Director at the Southern California Tennis Association.

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/jr-team-tennis/1st-annual-henry-talbert-junior-championships/feed/ 0
Junior Team Tennis San Diego Successes https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/junior-team-tennis-san-diego-successes/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/junior-team-tennis-san-diego-successes/#respond Wed, 04 Feb 2015 03:49:54 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=498 Read More]]> Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Club 18 Satellite "Smart Aces"team
Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Club 18 Satellite “Smart Aces”team

Two teams, representing San Diego, were Junior Team Tennis Section Championship winners. The Surf and Turf 14 Advanced “Grinders”, coached by Alex Levie, and Nick Bennett’s Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Club 18 Satellite “Smart Aces” were each victorious. Nooah Bennett, Thomas Chin, Ted Foussianes, Jordan Goodman, Steven Pineda, Austin Schmid, Adam Talpalatsky and Dean Vo were part of the Bennett contingent.

Surf And Turf 14 Advanced & Satellite teams
Surf And Turf 14 Advanced & Satellite teams

The Surf and Turf 14 Satellite “Smashers” finished second. Levie guided both Surf and Turf teams. The players he worked with were: Ethan Baurle, Valeria Caballeros, James Freedman, Caden Hollander, Noah Kay, Lilly Lin, Daniel Patel, Lauren Rose, Michael Savides, Luke Shugert, James Singer, Eshan Talluri, Max Tokman and Justin Wilkey.

The La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club 10 Satellite “Spindrift” came in third. Nelson Alapi, Garrett Eastman, Maille Flynn, Dylan Howard, Nathan Kirn, Blake Lorenzo, Maddie Lyons and Frankie Soltero played on Conan Lorenzo’s team.

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club 10 Satellite "Spindrift" team
La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club 10 Satellite “Spindrift” team

Junior tennis is available in many forms in the San Diego District. Youngsters are able to participate in programs at their tennis clubs, take private lessons and compete in local USTA tournaments.

Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is another important learning the game while having fun avenue to take. The concept is simple: Allow juniors to be part of a team while competing in tennis. It is what baseball, basketball, football, soccer and so many other sports have been doing for years – with much success. A team consists of six players. Two singles and two doubles matches are played. The total number of games won in the four categories determines the winner. Playing for a team keeps kids in the game and allows them to create lasting friendships as well as indelible memories.

JTT has two seasons that take place in fall and winter. Each season last seven to nine weeks. Competitive divisions include 18s, 14s, 12s and 10s. Levels of play range from the Novice to the Open level.

Area clubs, (including but not limited to), participating in the program include: Carmel Valley, Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Center, Barnes Tennis Center, Coronado, East County, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, Pacific Athletic Club, Surf and Turf and many more.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Junior Team Tennis Program in San Diego should contact, Conan Lorenzo, San Diego Junior Team Tennis Area League Coordinator at clorenzo@ljbtc.com

(For more information go to www.sandiegoteamtennis.com)

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/junior-team-tennis-san-diego-successes/feed/ 0
USTA Logos Get A Facelift! https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/usta-logos-get-a-facelift/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/usta-logos-get-a-facelift/#respond Tue, 02 Dec 2014 23:43:50 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=234 Read More]]> New Junior Team Tennis Logo

junior-team-tennisMegan Angeletti, USTA Section Marketing Strategist, noted, “We have slowly rolled out the USTA ‘Find Yourself in the Game’ logo. It is now being used widely and we are seeing great success in its adoption, which has prompted us to look at how this logo applies to all areas within the organization (departments, programs, etc.).  The crux of our approach is to begin to slowly transition additional program logos and marks to a FYIG ‘family’ of logos, to ensure a consistent look and feel, encouraging brand recognition and better visibility.

First out of the gate, necessitated by the program name change, is the Junior Team Tennis logo. You’ll see that ‘Junior Team Tennis’ is spelled out and the logo incorporates the look and feel of the USTA ‘Find Yourself in the Game’ effort. Please note that moving forward, Junior Team Tennis will have Junior spelled out on all platforms.”

Click here to download the updated Junior Team Tennis logos.

If there are questions, contact Anette Padilla at Padilla@scta.usta.com

(Updated Junior Team Tennis Marketing Collateral is available on the free Marketing Resources Page at www.usta.com/marketingresources)

Anette Padilla
Manager, Marketing

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