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USTA Early Development Camps provide players with training and coaching from our USTA coaching staff and section coaches who have proven coaching success. The camps are developed and designed by USTA High Performance Player Development. These camps are offered to inspire, motivate, and to assist players in reaching their highest level. Players with excellent work ethic, commitment, talent, and attitude are encouraged to participate.

These two-day camps are geared toward 10U player progression. Players are required to attend both days.

To learn more, contact Megan Heneghan, heneghan@scta.usta.com.

Visit TennisLink to register and join us for Early Development Camps!

Download the high resolution image here.

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SoCal Wins 10’s Exchange in Arizona https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/so-cal-wins-10s-exchange-in-arizona/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/so-cal-wins-10s-exchange-in-arizona/#respond Sat, 20 Oct 2018 18:19:04 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=25566 Read More]]> The 10 and under exchange took place this past weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. The TEAM won the competition beating out Southwest, Intermountain, NorCal, Hawaii and Pacific North West. Kenzie Nguyen and Iva Jovic won the Spirit Award and Sportsmanship Award for Southern California respectively. So proud of all the participants as well as coaches Trevor Kronemann and Carlos Cruz-Aedo.

Congrats TEAM So Cal!

  • Julieta Pareja
  • Maria  Aytoyan
  • Iva Jovic
  • Kenzie Nguyen
  • Rishvanth Krishna
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Brayden Tallakson
  • Tadevos Mirijanyan

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So Cal Junior Tennis Adopts New Seeding Methods for 2017 https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/so-cal-junior-tennis-adopts-new-seeding-methods-for-2017/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/so-cal-junior-tennis-adopts-new-seeding-methods-for-2017/#respond Fri, 27 Jan 2017 19:43:54 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=10846 Read More]]> The times they are a changin’ in junior tennis seeding for Southern California. With advent of growing resources, the SCTA will be using many factors to determine seeding in Junior Open Tournaments Levels 1 to 4 starting January 2017. This means tournament directors will consider USTA sectional and national rankings, as well as the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system. Also, tournaments are offered through the USTA  as well as UTR channels.

To find upcoming USTA junior tournaments in So Cal go to Http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/Schedule/Search.aspx.   The next UTR tournament in San Diego is Feb 18 to 20 at Del Norte High. Sign up at http://events.universaltennis.com/tournaments/127/players/.

Trevor Kronemann, the Director of Junior Competition for the SCTA, stated several reasons for this shift.  In 2016,  he sent this information to USTA players in So Cal:

  • The seeding committee reserves the right to consider other factors for players returning from injury, out of section players, players playing out of age division and other unforeseen situations that the seeding committee deems applicable.
  • Seeding the system used to separate the top players in a draw so that they do not meet in the early rounds of a tournament. The top seed is the player that the tournament committee (Tournament Director, Tournament Referee, Director of Junior Tennis, Junior Competition Chair) deems the strongest player in the event. It is not a standing or ranking.

Many may wonder, what is the UTR system? Where does it get information? According to the UTR website, this is the story:

“Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) has now processed more than 4 million tennis match results—less than a year after attaining the 3 million match mark last April. UTR is rapidly becoming a “mainstream” tool throughout the tennis world. The millions of results flow in from more than 200 nations. They reflect the play of over 300,000 athletes and 2,000 college teams. The pace at which results are entering the system indicate UTR’s rapid growth: the database took a little over a year to grow from 2 million to 3 million matches, but the fourth million arrived in less than nine months.

UTR attracts tennis data from all over the world as a consequence of the simplicity, accuracy, pragmatic value, and universality of its rating scale. It gathers results from the ATP, WTA, ITF, ITA (U.S. college tennis), USTA (open, 5.0, and junior levels), Tennis Canada, Great Britain’s Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), Tennis Australia, and Tennis Europe, plus select public and private U.S. high school results.

UTR translates all this data into a common worldwide metric that rates athletes’ level of play on a 16-point scale (from beginners to world-class professionals). UTR precisely and reliably determines individual players’ ratings based on actual match results, without regard for age, gender. or where the matches are played. The score of the match and the rating of the opponent are the only factors that enter the algorithmic calculations.

In the past year, UTR has also added new features, like enabling players to claim their profiles and receive weekly results notifications. College teams, too, can claim their profiles and compare matchups with opponents. In the near future, Universal Tennis will introduce doubles ratings as well.”

For more information on UTR go to https://universaltennis.com/.  For more information on SCTA seeding method changes, please contact Trevor Kronemann via email at  tkronemann@scta.usta.com.



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Vacation Days Drew Hundreds to Billy Martin Holiday Tennis Camps https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/vacation-days-drew-hundreds-to-billy-martin-holiday-tennis-camps/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/vacation-days-drew-hundreds-to-billy-martin-holiday-tennis-camps/#comments Sat, 07 Jan 2017 06:21:33 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=9666 Read More]]> December vacation days were well spent for hundreds of tennis players who attended the Billy Martin Holiday Tennis Camp 2016 recently at UCLA. It was a time for many kids to improve tennis skills, rekindle friendships, and meet new campers.  The staff was led by UCLA Men’s Head Coach Billy Martin and his staff of over a dozen experienced teaching professionals, who are current or former collegiate players.

Coach Martin and his staff hosted eight days of camp instruction that included fitness, fundamentals match play, 10-and-Under Tennis instruction, as well as camp games and activities. There was something for everyone.

The idea to offer winter tennis camps grew from fulfilling a family need for Coach Martin about 20 years ago. It became so popular that the sessions continued to grow and thrive.

“I started holiday camps so my own boys could practice and train with their friends,” Martin said. “I really enjoy seeing campers, who attend our summer programs, improve their games and return to play our winter camps. It’s also great to meet new kids and have an opportunity to help their games.”

A typical camp day starts with a huge “Welcome” sign overlooking the stadium courts and Coach Martin’s traditional stretching and fitness routine. It’s the perfect plan to get ready for on court action. Then UCLA Men’s Assistant Coach Grant Chen oversees campers’ court assignments and directs instructional curriculum. Also, the UCLA based program now offers a strong 10-and-Under curriculum using red, orange and green balls. “We strive to take care of the needs of all players and all of the levels,” Chen said.

Overall, the Billy Martin Holiday Tennis Camps proved to be the perfect answer to giving kids a chance to exercise, improve tennis skills, and enjoy their brief time off from school.

“Tennis is a year round and global sport,” Martin said. “To be  able to play tennis almost every day in Southern California is a luxury and a tremendous opportunity for our juniors to train.”

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/vacation-days-drew-hundreds-to-billy-martin-holiday-tennis-camps/feed/ 1
First Year Free – Kids 10 And Under Membership https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/first-year-free-kids-10-and-under-membership/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/first-year-free-kids-10-and-under-membership/#respond Thu, 08 Dec 2016 04:13:29 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=9564 fyf-2016-1

Download First Year Free – Kids 10 And Under Membership Application

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/first-year-free-kids-10-and-under-membership/feed/ 0
Coach Youth 10 and Under Training – December 4th https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/coach-youth-10-and-under-training-december-4th/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/coach-youth-10-and-under-training-december-4th/#respond Thu, 03 Nov 2016 01:37:45 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=9332 usta-10-and-under-training-december-4th

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/coach-youth-10-and-under-training-december-4th/feed/ 0
Community Development Workshop October 2016 https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/community-development-workshop-october-2016/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/community-development-workshop-october-2016/#respond Tue, 30 Aug 2016 19:16:02 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=8815  


Download October 2016 Community Development Workshop Brochure

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Life at UCLA Billy Martin Tennis Camps is Filled with Fun https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/life-at-ucla-billy-martin-tennis-camps-is-filled-with-fun/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/life-at-ucla-billy-martin-tennis-camps-is-filled-with-fun/#comments Fri, 22 Jul 2016 07:38:33 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=8302 Read More]]> Each summer hundreds of kids gather at the UCLA Tennis Center for one very important purpose: to have a blast at the UCLA Billy Martin Tennis Camps. The participants rbrooke with kids close up GREAT 600ange in age from 7 to 18 and their levels are from beginning to high performance. A recent addition includes the USTA’s 10-and-Under Tennis program.
“I’m a believer in progression tennis and using red, orange and green dot balls as teaching tools in my tennis camps,” Martin said. “It allows juniors to start their development with success and it gives them early opportunities to rally on a smaller tennis court.”   
splatt 2 good 600
This year, the camp offered six weeks of outstanding instruction, tournament play, hitting, fundamental training, games and much more. The program has daily and resident options, and in each, the children are supervised by an outstanding staff of accomplished collegiate players. Many have competed for UCLA, USC, UC Irvine, Albright College, UC San Diego, Stanford University, the University of Texas, the University of Georgia, Albright College, Minnesota State University Mankato, Fresno State University, Azusa Pacific University, Claremont McKenna College and Texas Christian University to name a few.egg toss grant 600
“We have a great staff and a lot of them are former campers,” said Coach Grant Chen, the UCLA Assistant Camp Director. “They had a fantastic experience as campers when they were kids, and they want to come back and be part of the staff.”
Brooke RonneRonney Girls 600y, a senior at Albright College, was a camper for over eight years. Some of her fondest childhood memories include playing each summer at the Billy Martin Tennis Camps. Now the No. 1 player for Albright, Ronney is an instructor and teaches summers and holidays at the UCLA based program. In recent years, she taught with older sister, Alexis Ronney, a former counselor and camper.  Alexis was an outstanding player from Minnesota State University Mankato, and taught at Billy Martin Tennis Camps for about five years.
“When I was a camper, I used to admire the counselors and I couldn’t wait to become one,” said Brooke Ronney, who is also certified to teach 10-and-Under Tennis. “I learned a lot from them. Now I can give back and teach the kids what I know and watch them improve. It feels really good to see thebilly martin and Glenn Bassett 600m use their new skills.”
Coach Martin, a U.S. and international junior star, was a freshman at UCLA in 1975. He led the Bruins to their NCAA National Division I Championship that year, and captured the NCAA singles title. He played on the pro tour, and in 1977, was a singles quarterfinalist at Wimbledon. He was also an outstanding doubles player and won many titles, but retired in 1982 due to a hip injury.
Coach Martin’s incredible tennis accomplishments and knowledge of the game created a path to become the UCLA Men’s Assistant Coach for 11 years under former UCLA Men’s Head Coach Glenn Bassett. Coach Martin took over the Head Coach position in 1994. However, Basset and Martin teamed up to lead UCLA tennis camps for 35 Coach Bill and and Coach Bassett 600years. Coach Martin has been solo at the camp helm since 1998.   
Coach Grant Chen, who is also the UCLA Men’s Associate Head Coach, works closely with Coach Martin. Both are instrumental in developing all facets of the UCLA camp program that includes teaching fundamentals, training, fitness, and player performance. In recent years, Coach Martin has included the USTA’s new 10-and-Under Tennis program. 
This summer, Coach Martin’s program offers:
  • Singles & doubles match play and tournament play
  • Movement & conditioning mechanics
  • Teaching aids such as ball machines and backboardsegg toss 600
  • Videotape and instant replay analysis
  • Daily instruction and drills, individually and in small groups
  • Coaching fundamentals: grips, footwork, etc
  • USTA’s 10-and-Under Tennis curriculum and training
  • Fun off-court activities and crafts for campers
“It’s a wide range of hats we all wear as coaches, mentors and instructors,” Chen said. “It’s important to take care of the needs of all of the players at each level. This means we strive to nurture players mentally, physically and emotionally on and off the court. But at the end of the day, we want to make sure they are having fun!” 
https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/life-at-ucla-billy-martin-tennis-camps-is-filled-with-fun/feed/ 4
USPTA Tennis Professionals Can Receive Credit for Taking USTA CoachYouthTennis Online Courses https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/uspta-tennis-professionals-can-receive-credit-for-taking-usta-coachyouthtennis-online-courses/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/uspta-tennis-professionals-can-receive-credit-for-taking-usta-coachyouthtennis-online-courses/#respond Tue, 19 Apr 2016 22:35:49 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=6609 Read More]]> USPTA certified Professionals who fall in the 2014-2016 continuing education period must earn 6 professional development credits by the end of this year. If you have not completed the education requirements by Dec. 31, 2016, your membership and benefits will be suspended. Earn education credits for free:USTA OnCourt Training Coronado

  • Tennisresources.com – Log in with your MY USPTA credentials and select “Are you viewing this video for education credits-YES” at the beginning of the videos. Once the video is finished there will be a pop-up window informing you that the credits went through. To receive education credits, the videos must be watched on a computer/laptop and not a mobile device/tablet. The videos worth education credits are marked with “For Credit.”
  • Coachyouthtennis.com – Each session is worth a 1/2 education credit. Upon completion of the sixth course, you will receive 3 bonus credits, bringing the total to 6 credits.

For more information, go to http://uspta.com/.

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/uspta-tennis-professionals-can-receive-credit-for-taking-usta-coachyouthtennis-online-courses/feed/ 0
10 & Under Workshop April 24 2016 https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-under-workshop-april-24-2016/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-under-workshop-april-24-2016/#respond Mon, 18 Apr 2016 22:41:10 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=6578 10&UWksp4

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-under-workshop-april-24-2016/feed/ 0
10 And Under Tennis In A Courtship With Parents & Coaches https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-and-under-tennis-in-a-courtship-with-parents-coaches/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-and-under-tennis-in-a-courtship-with-parents-coaches/#respond Sun, 27 Mar 2016 00:23:16 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=6321 Allison Goldman Tennis Article- TennisPro Magazine 2015

Download and read the 10 And Under Tennis In A Courtship With Parents & Coaches article by Allison Goldman

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-and-under-tennis-in-a-courtship-with-parents-coaches/feed/ 0
10 & Under Slam Series “Australian Tournament” https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-under-slam-series-australian-tournament/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-under-slam-series-australian-tournament/#respond Wed, 06 Jan 2016 23:45:07 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=5407 10-and-under-Slam-Series-Australian

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-under-slam-series-australian-tournament/feed/ 0
2016 Little Mo Internationals https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/2016-little-mo-internationals/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/2016-little-mo-internationals/#respond Wed, 30 Dec 2015 08:31:37 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=4888 LittleMO_Palm-Springs_4-75x3-5_ver_01

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/2016-little-mo-internationals/feed/ 0
Tennis in 10 Designed to Jumpstart Adult Beginning Tennis in Southern California https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/tennis-in-10-designed-to-jumpstart-adult-beginning-tennis-in-southern-california/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/tennis-in-10-designed-to-jumpstart-adult-beginning-tennis-in-southern-california/#respond Thu, 10 Dec 2015 02:32:17 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=5015 Read More]]> The number “10” was magic for Coach Ajay Pant when he designed his adult beginner program. Tennis in 10 is a promise that its participants will be able to do just that…learn to rally in 10 minutes. It is a methodology that is partially based on the USTA’s 10-and-Under Tennis program but includes adaptations for accelerated progressions when applied to older learners. Pant recently led a comprehgroup shot balls in the airensive workshop for about 20 participants at the StubHub Center in Carson. The event was hosted by the Southern California Tennis Association and participants arrived from Ventura to San Diego Counties.

Tennis in 10 is a four-step curriculum that starts with a few introductory free or low cost lessons. The second phase is a continuing series of multi-week lessons using the 18- by 36-foot court with the red or foam ball. Participants gradually advance to the orange ball on the 21- by 60-foot court and later to the green ball on the full court. Additional third and fourth segments include specifics on marketing, networking and communication with players.

“We are not looking to teach students the perfect forehand,” said Pant, the General Manager at College Park Tennis Club in Maryland. “Our goal is to help newcomers learn to rally in 10 minutes and enjoy the game of tennis.”

For more information about the Tennis in 10 program, call SCTA Executive Director Bruce Hunt at 310-208-3838. Also, please visit our San Diego Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SD10sRocks/.

tiffany hits GRERAT


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July Play Day – Omni La Costa Resort & Spa https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/july-play-day-omni-la-costa-resort-spa/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/july-play-day-omni-la-costa-resort-spa/#respond Tue, 07 Jul 2015 23:29:09 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=3112 WTT_playday_7_26

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/july-play-day-omni-la-costa-resort-spa/feed/ 0
Westlake Village OnCourt Tennis Workshop https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/westlake-village-oncourt-tennis-workshop/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/westlake-village-oncourt-tennis-workshop/#respond Fri, 26 Jun 2015 18:52:53 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=2872 Read More]]> ball-toss-16-GREAT

There are still some openings in the USTA OnCourt 10-and-Under Workshop in Westlake Village on Sunday, June 28 from 10:30am to 2pm at the Westlake Athletic Club. This USTA certification is the basis for seeking additional coaching opportunities with the USPTA and the PTR. Please sign up online at www.coachyouthtennis.com. Also if possible, please remember to complete the six online courses prior to the training. See the info below on where to sign up and how to do it. For more information or questions, contact Karen Ronney at kronney@yahoo.com.

  • Sunday June 28 10:30am to 2pm: Westlake Athletic Club, 3250 Triunfo Canyon Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361. To Register go to Coachyouthtennis.com.
https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/westlake-village-oncourt-tennis-workshop/feed/ 0
RAMP Tennis PE Celebration at Leapwood Elementary! https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/ramp-tennis-pe-celebration-at-leapwood-elementary/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/ramp-tennis-pe-celebration-at-leapwood-elementary/#respond Tue, 05 May 2015 00:32:09 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=2027 Read More]]> RAMP at Leapwood RAMP UP N LEAP Tennis recently held a PE celebration at Leapwood school. RAMP volunteers and friends, including the LA Galaxy Star Squad, traveled to Leapwood and brought tennis, soccer, hit for prizes and music to the elementary school.

RAMP Coaches, Andrew Laing, Nic Noa, Julia Cobian and Rick, plus over twenty volunteer parents, players and coaches including USTAPD coach David Nainkin, Mark Walpole and Nenad Toroman arrived to teach. A special thank you to everyone involved with the event for bringing tennis to the community!

RAMP Tennis is a junior development tennis program established in May of 2013 by tennis enthusiasts and experienced teaching professionals. For more information, visit ramptennis.com. #RampitUp

Tennis with LAGalaxy   Ramp Tennis RAMP Tennis   Galaxy at Leapwood

https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/ramp-tennis-pe-celebration-at-leapwood-elementary/feed/ 0
On-Court Workshop Strengthens Coaching: Join this April! https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/april-10-and-under-tennis-workshops/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/april-10-and-under-tennis-workshops/#respond Fri, 03 Apr 2015 19:48:05 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=1379 Read More]]> Registration is Open for Two USTA 10-and-Under Tennis Workshops

Raising_Hands_200x200Enhance your coaching skills through our dynamic Coach Youth Tennis program.  Developed in partnership with the PTR, USPTA and USOC, these courses will enhance your work with kids ages 10 and under and also provides a pathway to certification. The online courses and on-court workshop will teach you how to supervise and organize play, communicate more effectively with kids, manage groups and teams and more. Attend an on-court workshop in April and start your certification today!

10 and Under Workshop highlights include:

  • Access to interactive online training courses and additional coaches resources
  • Taught by an expert national faculty members
  • Length: 3.5 hours
  • Cost: $15 per person

There are two 10-and-Under Workshops offered in Southern California in the month of April.  Please sign up online at http://coachyouthtennis.com/learncenter.asp?id=178497.

  • n-Court Workshop #2110 in Valencia, CA
    Saturday, April 18, 2015
    2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
    The Paseo Club at
    27650 Dickason Drive, Valencia CA.
    For more information, call Phil Siordia – 818-472-2028 or Desi McBride – 661 257-0044
    Register at coachyouthennis.com
  • On-Court Workshop #2108 in Coronado, CA
    Sunday, April 26, 2015
    2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
    Coronado Tennis Center
    1501 Glorietta Blvd, Coronado, CA.
    For more information, contact Sue Hites at 619-522-2650
    Register at coachyouthennis.com


https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/april-10-and-under-tennis-workshops/feed/ 0
10 and Under Workshops – April 2015 https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-and-under-workshops/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-and-under-workshops/#respond Sat, 14 Mar 2015 21:59:27 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=1103
  • April 18th at Paseo Club
    27650 Dickason Dr., Valencia, CA, 91355
  • April 26th at Coronado Tennis Center 
  • April 27th at Westlake Village
  • ]]>
    https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/10-and-under-workshops/feed/ 0
    Host a Red, Orange or Green Ball Tournament In Your Area https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/host-a-red-orange-or-green-ball-tournament-in-your-area/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/host-a-red-orange-or-green-ball-tournament-in-your-area/#comments Fri, 06 Mar 2015 18:10:03 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=1023 Read More]]> Red-Orange-Green-BallsThe SCTA is looking for tennis enthusiasts and facilities to host Sanctioned Red, Orange or Green Ball tournaments in their area.  If you or someone you know would be interested in hosting a Sanctioned tournament please contact Alec Horton at alechorton@scta.usta.com or Megan Broccolo at broccolo@scta.usta.com, so they can help get you started and find a date on the calendar.  If you are interested in hosting a Red or Orange Ball tournament, it would be very beneficial to get permanent blended lines on your courts.  For all questions regarding permanent blended lines at your facility, please contact Megan Broccolo at broccolo@scta.usta.com and she will be able to walk you through the process, as well as, provide you with the necessary documents to get started.

    We look forward to hearing from you and having you host a Sanctioned Red, Orange or Green Ball Tournament in your area this year!

    https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/host-a-red-orange-or-green-ball-tournament-in-your-area/feed/ 2
    Santa Barbara 10 & Under Workshop https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/santa-barbara-10-under-workshop/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/santa-barbara-10-under-workshop/#respond Thu, 12 Feb 2015 22:42:23 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=680 The Santa Barbara Tennis Patrons hosted an awesome 10 & Under Workshop!

    https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/10-and-under-tennis/santa-barbara-10-under-workshop/feed/ 0
    The How To Set Up A 36 Ft. Court Video https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/play-day-video-the-how-to-set-up-a-36-ft-court-video/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/play-day-video-the-how-to-set-up-a-36-ft-court-video/#respond Wed, 21 Jan 2015 19:53:31 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=369

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