What Is The SCTA Tennis Philosophy?

RALLYING WITH THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The SCTA wants every person in Southern California to have the opportunity to engage with tennis.  That means a person could play, coach, volunteer for the Board, committees, projects or events, teach, run a tournament, … Read More

How Can You Help Us Help Kids?

RALLYING WITH THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR How can you help the Southern California Tennis Association Foundation help kids? The SCTA Foundation (SCTAF) was established to raise funds to enable underprivileged youngsters to participate in the National Junior Tennis League (NJTL), a … Read More

A New Year’s Resolution

  RALLYING WITH THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR What’s a New Year’s Resolution that I wish all our USTA Southern California members would make and keep in 2017? I hope that all members resolve to invite a friend, a family member, a … Read More

Tennis Perfection In Southern California?

RALLYING WITH THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR What Would Tennis Perfection In Southern California Look Like To Me? Perfection would include people, places and programs that run the gamut of saturating the game with positive plans that utilize and involve the community … Read More

Is Tennis A Country Club Sport?

Rallying With The Executive Director I wondered about that when I read a paragraph in a recent Sports Illustrated issue about the Rio Olympics and “the country club sports of golf and tennis.”   Sure, golf and tennis are played at … Read More

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