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2017 Adaptive Tennis Program Grant https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/2017-adaptive-tennis-program-grant/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/2017-adaptive-tennis-program-grant/#respond Tue, 19 Sep 2017 01:11:22 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=20719 Read More]]> USTA Diversity & Inclusion Department would like to offer support to Adaptive Tennis programs that operate in the United States.

Grants are awarded to assist in the initiation or implementation of programs at the community level. Grant award is $500-$4000.

Application due: October 1st, 2017

You’ll be asked for Program Details:

  • Describe program for which this grant is intended, must include number of participants
  • Is this a pilot, a new program or an existing program?
  • Provide specific sites and times of programming (including name/address of facility).
  • Describe duration of program (number of weeks, days per week, and hours per day).
  • Describe age group and ability level and demographics of targeted participants.
  • Describe your plan to retain and increase participating at the end program.
  • Please list the names and responsibilities of on and off court program staff.

Submit Your Application for the 2017 Adaptive Tennis Program Grant

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SCTA Introduces 18-39 League for Summer https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/scta-introduces-18-39-league-for-summer/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/scta-introduces-18-39-league-for-summer/#respond Tue, 23 May 2017 06:16:42 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=13877 Read More]]> Starting in July, the Los Angeles and Orange County league areas will run a league pilot for players ages 18-39. It’s the SCTA’s latest initiative to engage millennials in tennis.

The 18-39 league will be familiar to our current league players and friendly to newcomers! Captains will give out team numbers and players will register on TennisLink. Players must have a rating (computer or self-generated) and be qualified for the NTRP level of their team. This league, however, caps the player age at 39, so your opponents will be your peers. This league is also open to non-members, but every player must have a USTA number to register.  Non-members may sign-up for a membership number on TennisLink without paying a membership fee, but will be charged a higher entry fee for the league.

Both leagues will run with the same format: three lines of doubles (men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles) with two sets and a match tiebreak in lieu of a third set. Both leagues will start in early July and end in August. Each league will host its own kick-off party, so players can network and start the league with a bang.


See below for a breakdown of the two leagues:


  • Matches will take place on the weekends
  • Captains will be in charge of securing a home facility
  • League will employ combo rating levels (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0). This means a 7.0 team could have 3.0’s, 3.5’s, and 4.0’s all on one roster to allow larger groups of friends to play together on one team
  • Pre-season party is scheduled for June 23rd at MountainGate Country Club
  • No team? No problem! Sign-up with our introductory team number (6517261593) and we will place you on a roster!
  • Contact Lori Andelson and Michelle Kramer for more information: laleaguecoordinator@yahoo.com


  • Matches will take place once a week, but captains are responsible for scheduling and securing a home facility
  • League will employ straight-level teams (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0). This means better competition against players of your same level!
  • This is a no default league, meaning we will schedule 2-3 make-up dates throughout the season where all defaulted lines can be made-up. So more opportunities for player parties….
  • Pre-season party is TBD, but date and details are coming soon!
  • No team? No problem! Sign-up with our introductory team number (6517265289) and we will place you on a roster!
  • Contact Heidi Stryker for more information (heidi.stryker3@gmail.com)

We are excited to get this new program off the ground and hope to bring a lot of players back to the game. For any questions, feel free to contact Madeline Segura at the Section Office (310) 208-3668 or segura@scta.usta.com.

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Two San Diego Players Lead World Cup Team To Bronze Title https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/two-san-diego-players-lead-world-cup-team-to-bronze-title/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/two-san-diego-players-lead-world-cup-team-to-bronze-title/#respond Fri, 12 May 2017 18:18:56 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=13697 Read More]]> After finishing eighth last year, two San Diego players — Dana Mathewson and Lauren Haneke-Hopps – helped their team earn the bronze medal with a 2-0 victory over Switzerland at the recent BNP Paribas World Team Cup, an international wheelchair tennis event.

With the victory, the U.S. women returned to the World Team Cup medal podium for the first time since finishing as runner-up in 2003.

The World Team Cup is the ITF’s flagship wheelchair tennis event, often referred to as the Davis Cup and Fed Cup of wheelchair tennis.

Dana Matthewson

The closing ceremony was a momentous occasion for women’s head coach Paul Walker, who credited the depth of talent in U.S. women’s wheelchair tennis afterward. The women’s team was without two of its top players for the trip to Italy

“I am so very proud of these girls this week,” said Walker. “We started out ranked 10 in the tournament and ended up with a medal.”

“Team USA exceeded my expectations this year,” said USTA National Wheelchair tennis coach Jason Harnett. “I could not be more proud of how hard and how passionate all three of our teams played. The women placing third after more than 10 years off the medal stand is absolutely phenomenal. The junior team with the hat trick of junior titles is something that I only dreamed of. The quads getting back to the medal stand also showed the heart that these guys have. Truly a great World Team Cup for team USA.”

After finishing outside the Top 12 at last year’s event, the men’s team was relegated to the World Team Cup qualifying event earlier this year in March in Quito, Ecuador. After finishing as the runners-up to Brazil, the men will have to wait until 2018 for a shot to win the World Team Cup qualifying event to make it back into the World Group.

The World Team Cup tournament brings together the world’s best wheelchair tennis players to compete in one of the world’s premier tennis team events. A total of 40 teams representing 29 countries took part in the 2017 competition.

The USTA was officially designated by the USOC as the national governing body for the Paralympic sport of wheelchair tennis in June 2002, becoming the first Olympic national governing body to earn this recognition. As the national governing body for wheelchair tennis, the USTA manages wheelchair tennis in the United States, including the sanctioning of tournaments, overseeing wheelchair rankings, creating and managing a High Performance program for developing elite disabled athletes, and selecting teams to compete internationally for the United States.

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USTA National Names Grant Recipients; Three SoCal Juniors Awarded https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/usta-national-names-grant-recipients-three-socal-juniors-awarded/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/usta-national-names-grant-recipients-three-socal-juniors-awarded/#respond Wed, 03 May 2017 18:17:02 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=13470 Read More]]> Three local athletes have been awarded USTA National Diversity & Inclusion Multicultural Grants based on essays submitted by junior players from around the country. The grants help to support the growth of scholar-athletes of ethnic or diverse backgrounds in both academic and athletic endeavors.

Kaylee Kang, a 16-year old from Fullerton, penned an essay as an Asian American Scholar-Athlete. Entitled “Deuces over Doubts,” Kaylee describes the role of tennis in her everyday life, developing from a shy youngster to a self-confident young adult.

“In tennis,” she wrote, “there is little room for self-doubt…. The more I played this sport, the more this undeniable truth is extended to me. I know my strengths and capabilities, and I am no longer afraid to make myself seen.”

Ethan Lopez, a 13-year old from Alhambra, found parallels between himself and the namesake of USTA’s Pancho Gonzalez Scholar-Athlete Grant. Gonzalez, a Mexican-American icon, won two U.S. Championships men’s singles titles and notably brought together fans from all walks of life.

Describing his own qualities of tenacity, courage, and discipline, Ethan is equally proud of his accomplishments in the classroom and on the court. “As a scholar-athlete,” he writes, “it is very important not to be afraid to be challenged in the classroom and on the tennis court.”

Jourdan Wallace, a 16-year old from Pasadena, authored an essay entitled, “Why I Embody the Spirit of Althea.” The grant, which honors the memory, life and achievements of the first African-American Grand Slam champion Althea Gibson, rewards players who exceed expectations both on and off the court.

“I have the courage to play a sport that I not dominated by people of color,” Jourdan begins in her essay. “Willpower propelled (Althea) Gibson through many years of successful and inspirational tennis, because without it success would have (proven) very difficult if not impossible.”

USTA SoCal congratulates all three of our regional winners. Players from 17 sections across the nation submitted essays in various categories, and we are very proud to honor our SoCal scholar-athletes!

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SCTA Celebrates Black History Month https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/scta-celebrates-black-history-month/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/scta-celebrates-black-history-month/#respond Tue, 28 Feb 2017 18:34:30 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=11579 Read More]]> The SCTA is proud to honor the following people and organization for Black History Month:

Marty Woods

Marty Woods

Marty is the CEO of the Pete Brown Scholarship Fund and their program provides free lessons, hosts free community events, and he mentors children on and off the court. He is also an NJTL coach and a dedicated volunteer.

Jada Hart

Jada Hart

Jada is from Colton, CA and had a successful journey through Jr. Tennis, winning national hardcourts and winning at the Jr. US Open doubles with partner Ena Shibahara. Jada is now continuing her tennis career at UCLA.


Hollis Smith

Hollis is a pioneer for tennis in Los Angeles. Here are a few facts about Hollis:

•Didn’t start playing tennis until he moved to LA in 1963. Was one of the first blacks to play at Rancho Cienega Tennis Club. Fell in love with the sport, became ranked in the top ten during most of his senior years, won national championships in Men’s 60 singles, 45 doubles, 70’s doubles, & two senior mixed doubles
•Elected President of the Los Angeles Municipal Tennis Association
•1971 fundraised and helped organized a chapter of the National Junior Tennis League ( now National Junior Tennis & Learning operated by the SCTA)
•1972 helped to form South West Tennis Patrons, a nonprofit that puts on a series of events for kids in the southwest area of LA
•1978 Became President of the National Public Parks Tennis Championships (NPPTC)
•2002 the Hollis Smith Sportsmanship Award was established by the USTA & National Public Parks Tennis Association, with Smith being the 1st recipient. It is now called the Jean (his late wife) and Hollis Smith Lifetime Achievement Award, which is given annually to recognize an individual who has been an outstanding advocate of the NPPTA & NPPTC

Pacific Coast Championships Tennis Association, Inc (PCCTA)

The American Tennis Association (ATA) was born when representatives from more than a dozen Black tennis clubs met in Washington, D.C. on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 30, 1916. Barred from competing in United States National Lawn Tennis Association (forerunner to the USTA) events, people of color yearned for opportunities to develop and compete at national and international levels.

In March 1917 The Western Federation of Tennis Clubs (WFTC, forerunner to the Pacific Coast Championships) was formed in Los Angeles, California. The initial PCC Member Clubs were Pasadena, Glendale, Santa Monica, Westside, Ceres and Alpha. Later that year, the ATA invited the WFTC to join them as their Western Section. They accepted, becoming part of what is now the oldest and largest minority tennis Association in the world.

In 1921 the 1st Annual Pacific Coast Championships Tournament was held during the Labor Day weekend. The ATA National Championship Tournaments were used as a “family vacation” with both juniors and adults competing. Drawing an average of 1000 participants, they were therefore rotated from city to city each year. Following that tradition the PCC Tournament, which was equally as large, has been held up and down the West Coast highlighting cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Oakland, Bakersfield and Portland, Oregon. In recent years, the tournament has been hosted by the city of Long Beach but there are plans on the drawing board to start rotating it again.

To find out more about their organization or events, visit: www.pcc-tennis.org

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2016 SCTA Year In Review https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/2016-scta-year-in-review/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/2016-scta-year-in-review/#respond Sun, 05 Feb 2017 19:31:46 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=11071 Read More]]> The Year in Review is a great catalog of all the achievements that players, parents, coaches, officials, tournament directors, facility managers, volunteers, and staff have had in Southern California during 2016. Thank you! Tennis would not be what it is without each of you participating. You embody all the physical, mental and social benefits that are documented to flow from tennis.

Download The 2016 SCTA Year In Review

Download The 2016 SCTA Year In Review

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SCTA Brings Interactive Tennis to Telemundo https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/scta-brings-interactive-tennis-to-telemundo/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/scta-brings-interactive-tennis-to-telemundo/#respond Tue, 31 Jan 2017 23:58:03 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=11005 Read More]]> The Southern California Tennis Association brought an exciting brand of tennis at the Telemundo celebration as part of the 13th Annual Health Fair recently at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Tennis was a part of the health and fitness event that also included free health tests and screenings, tennis, yoga, dance, zumba, kids activities and games, cooking demonstrations and much more.

The SCTA set up mini 10-and-Under tennis courts for the approximately 30,000 health fair participants with the goal of offering tennis to all. SCTA event staff included Tennis Service R epresentatives Tiffany Mai, Aisling Bowyer and Donald Wong, as well as NJTL Manager Evan Smith and USTA School’s Trainer Barbara Tscherne.

“It was great to offer the Hispanic families an opportunity to try tennis for the first time,” said Barbara Tscherne, a Teaching Pro at the Neighborhood Junior Tennis Program (NJTP) in Sylmar . “We also gave the kids free membership (10& Under) and information to sign up for affordable NJTL lessons.”



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Would You Like To Help Us Engage The Community? https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/newsletter/would-you-like-to-help-us-engage-the-community/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/newsletter/would-you-like-to-help-us-engage-the-community/#comments Fri, 06 Jan 2017 18:39:26 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=9932 Read More]]> The SCTA has made it a strategic priority to promote Diversity and Inclusion throughout our Section, emphasizing inclusion.  Inclusion means leveraging the power of diversity in a respectful environment that encourages all to participate and contribute to further our mission.We want to create inclusion throughout the SCTA and our tennis community.  The SCTA will invest resources and use processes to build a more diverse tennis community.  We will work with community groups in implementing programs and services that meet their needs via our adult, junior and marketing department.

We will implement engagement councils to help promote inclusion throughout the Section.  The councils will make sure that inclusion of differences is embedded in the SCTA mission and goals.  Among our immediate areas of focus will be Hispanic Outreach.  To be successful, we will put in place a Hispanic Engagement Council that will include staff, our Diversity and Inclusion committee, board members and tennis & non-tennis community leaders.

At the SCTA we want our tennis community to show the unique diversity that makes Southern California so great.  We are striving for diversity in ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background and everything else that makes our Section great.   To carry out our mission, we will strive to remove barriers and create opportunities wherever we can.

One of the biggest assets we have to create opportunities is building upon the success of our NJTL program.  We offer the program at 50 sites year-round and 150 sites during the summer and service over 10,000 kids throughout the year.  The program gives kids an opportunity to learn tennis for a nominal fee and removes any barriers to try tennis.  We will continue to grow our NJTL program and continue to remove barriers and make sure we are giving ALL  kids the chance for future opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion is and will be a top priority for the SCTA and will be part of all that we do. 

If you want to help us with our mission to be inclusive, please contact me and tell me what you think at esmith@scta.usta.com

 “We are less when we don’t include everyone,” Stuart Milk

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Sip ‘N Serve Hits Orange County https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/sip-n-serve-hits-orange-county/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/sip-n-serve-hits-orange-county/#comments Wed, 28 Dec 2016 04:12:50 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=9648 Read More]]> The Sip ‘N Serve Series is kicking into high gear this winter with a new site locked in for Orange County. The Racquet Club of Irvine will play host to Sip ‘N Serve’s newest program starting in late January.

The Sip ‘N Serve Series is USTA Southern California’s take on a nationwide initiative to engage millennials in tennis. It’s a non-competitive program that runs as a high-energy tennis class, while also providing networking opportunities for young adults. While each series is run independently, players can expect 1-2 hours of tennis and a social element that follows directly after. The series is open to anyone and everyone who loves tennis or is looking to learn how to play. All levels are welcome.

In 2016, players sipped and served in Long Beach, West LA, Marina del Rey, and San Diego.

The Racquet Club of Irvine is hosting its first series on Friday nights at 6 p.m. The series will run for six weeks starting on January 27th and will run through March 3rd. Non-members can expect to pay $25 to drop-in for one night or $90 for the series. Tennis will be followed by food at drinks at the club bar.

Marina City Club in Marina del Rey is set to host its winter series Thursday evenings January 12-February 16. The cost is $25 per session or $90 for the full series for non-MCC members. As always, food and drinks to follow at the club bar.

And Balboa Tennis Club will host is next series starting on January 22. Energetic USPTA coaches head the San Diego Series and head coach Amanda Fink has structured the program to focus on beginners. This series runs on Sunday evenings and will run for five weeks. Don’t worry, you’re off the hook for Super Bowl Sunday. Pay for the entire five week series for $50 or drop in for a class or two at $15/session.

Keep up to date on all of the Sip ‘N Serve happenings around Southern California on Facebook and on the program website. Contact Madeline Segura (segura@scta.usta.com) for any additional information on USTA Southern California’s Young Adult initiatives.

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The Low Down on Smart Ace Social League https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/the-low-down-on-smart-ace-social-league/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/the-low-down-on-smart-ace-social-league/#respond Tue, 16 Aug 2016 23:22:07 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=8600 Read More]]> The Smart Ace Social League is a program geared toward intermediate/advanced players in the 18-39 age group and it’s going to be bananas.

The program will use a variation of the World Team Tennis format with one set of men’s doubles, one set of women’s doubles, and two mixed doubles sets. Team matches will be played on two courts.  Scores are tabulated by counting the number of games won in each set, so team matches could potentially end in a tie. The team that captures the most team wins, wins. However, if there is a tie, we will look at the number of games won.

Teams must have a minimum of six players (three girls and three guys), but a maximum of ten. The first Sunday of the season will be used to create teams. We’ll get everyone on the court for some high-energy games and drills, so show up with a squad or show up by yourself. We will get everyone onto teams for the following week’s matches.

While your team is dominating on the court, you can cheer them on from the court or mingle with the other teams over some cold beverages (non-alcoholic of course, you animals) and snacks. Each team match will be followed by a team competition off the court. These competitions will have nothing to do with tennis, so if your team just got whooped 24-0, this is your chance to redeem yourselves. In these contests, five team members from each team will compete for Smart Ace glory. These teammates should 1) not get embarrassed easily and 2) definitely sign our liability waiver before completing the competition.

After each match and team competition, the group will head to a nearby sports bar for more Smart Ace nonsense. At the end of the season, we will reward teams for their efforts on the court and off in the team contests.

Smart Ace tips for success:

-We’re here to have fun, so don’t take this league, us, or yourselves too seriously.

-Don’t complain – or you will be ridiculed.

-Prepare at least five “Yo Mama” jokes for potential Smart Ace smack talk before, during, and after the matches.

-Team spirit is measured by 1) ridiculous team names 2) creative sideline cheering routines 3) coordinating team outfits

-Bring your friends – even if they’re just showing up for the after party.

-Remember, no one is a loser at Smart Ace – unless you lose, of course.


USTA Southern California is piloting this program at Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Long Beach starting September 4th. The program will run for four weeks on Sundays . To register, visit the Smart Ace website. For more information, contact Madeline Segura in the SCTA office at segura@scta.usta.com or 310-208-3838

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Wounded Warriors of Long Beach And First Serve https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/diversity/wounded-warriors-of-long-beach-and-first-serve/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/diversity/wounded-warriors-of-long-beach-and-first-serve/#respond Fri, 15 Jul 2016 21:48:44 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=8279 Read More]]> The Wounded Warriors of Long Beach at the VA Hospital have teamed up with First Serve to go the BJK Tennis Center the first Friday of every month to receive free tennis lessons for wheelchair veterans.

Wounded Warriors of Long Beach & First Serve at BJK Tennis Center
Wounded Warriors of Long Beach & First Serve at BJK Tennis Center

The first two successful clinics had with approximately 8-10 participants.

Wounded Warriors of Long Beach & First Serve at BJK Tennis Center
Wounded Warriors of Long Beach & First Serve at BJK Tennis Center

We have local restaurants donate food for lunch after the one hour clinic.

Wounded Warriors of Long Beach & First Serve at BJK Tennis Center
Wounded Warriors of Long Beach & First Serve at BJK Tennis Center

Everyone has a great time and the word is spreading fast, so we expect more participants each month!


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UCLA Men’s Tennis Coach Billy Martin Inspires Coaches at the NJTL Orientation https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/ucla-mens-tennis-coach-billy-martin-inspires-coaches-at-the-njtl-orientation/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/ucla-mens-tennis-coach-billy-martin-inspires-coaches-at-the-njtl-orientation/#respond Mon, 13 Jun 2016 20:20:22 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=7765 Read More]]> It was an exciting gathering of over 100 coaches from across Southern California for the National Junior Tennis and Learning program sponsored by the LA84 Foundation and the Southern California Tennis Association. The group met at UCLA recently for a day of fun, learning, networking and education.

The NJTL program strives to instill a love for the game of tennis in economically disadvantaged children, and provide them with an opportunity to play, compete and to develop good sportsmanship. It was founded in 1969 as the brainchild of former tennis champs Arthur Ashe and Charlie Pasarell, along with businessman Sheridan Snyder. Its goal was simple: to encourage kids — with a specific focus on urban kids — to try the game of tennis.

The formula has been successful as the Southern California chapter that currently services approximately 10,000 children at 150 summer sites, including 52 year round programs from San Diego to San Luis Obispo. The recent NJTL Orientation seminar is a yearly educational experience that provides coaches with knowledge, friendship and a sense of belonging to an amazing organization.

This year the group was blessed to hear keynote speaker Billy Martin, the esteemed UCLA Men’s Head Tennis Coach, who inspired listeners with words of wisdom and advice. Additionalnjtl 13ly, the program offered a three-hour on-court workshop led by USTA National Ten and Under Trainer Karen Ronney.

“We meenjtl 11t every year to kick off the summer season,” said Melanie Bischoff, the Director of Community Tennis for the Southern California Tennis Association. “It’s great to be able to provide coaching education and renew friendships. We also get psyched up to make it a great summer season.”   Our coaches are a mix of people that have been involved for over 40 years and those that are brand new coaches.  It is a great time to get them together to talk and learn and grow with the days events.”

Coach Billy Martin offered the idea that giving the gift of tennis has six distinctive benefits to children and their families. They were:

  • Tennis can be a safe haven for kids for a few hours while they are on the courts because you never know what is going on in their lives. They can play with freedom from worries, fears or concerns.
  • It’s a great way to maintain health and get exercise in a really fun game.
  • Sticking with the sport gives kids a chance to pursue the game at higher levels such as USTA Junior Team Tennis, high school tennis and possibly college tennis.
  • It offers a sense of accomplishment. Children can reach goals they never dreamed possible.
  • Athletes who play tennis are more desired in adult career opportunities to future employers, who would respect the life skills that the sport teaches kids.
  • In some cases, if NJTL players keep advancing, they may be able to play in college as a varsity athlete, recreational classes or perhaps the USTA’s Tennis On Campus program.

The audience was captivated by Coach Billy’s take on tennis and responded with many probing questions. Some included:

 “How do you get older kids to learn the game? Answer: When they attend camps and classes try to place them in classes with kids of similar ages and abilities. It makes for a more comfortable learning environment.njtl 3

“What njtl 1does it take for a player to be successful at the NCAA Division I level such as UCLA? Answer: Players need to learn to compete well under pressure in front of large crowds. If you are a UCLA Bruin and you are playing at the home cour t of another school, it’s important to ignore the shouting and cheering that goes on for your opponents. You need to be able to concentrate and play your game.

What are some demands placed on athletes when they compete for colleges and universities?  Answer: There is a lot of work that happens off the courts. Players are running, training and lifting weights.

“Kids need to be able to manage their time in tennis and still maintain their academics,” Martin said. “That’s a learned skill, and a necessary onenjtl 2.”

Both Martin and Bischoff agree that the NJTL program has been and is a great introduction to the sport. They know it’s a starting point that inspires youngsters to grow a love for the game.   NJTL could not continue without the ongoing support of the NJTL instructors, the LA84 Foundation, and all the wonderful partnerships that help us continue to grow.

“Tennis njtl 7is a sport for everyone,” said Bruce Hunt, Executive Director for the SCTA. “Getting a child engaged in NJTL is a great starting point. You never know where future champs will come from and it’s a chance to make big dreams come true.”

For more information on NJTL programs or classes, contact Director of Community Tennis Melanie Bischoff at bischoff@scta.usta.com or Manager of NJTL/D & I Evan Smith at esmith@scta.usta.com.

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Living Legends in our Community https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/living-legends-in-our-community/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/living-legends-in-our-community/#respond Thu, 24 Mar 2016 21:03:38 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=6235 Read More]]> A Celebration during Black History Month 


Honorees: (L-R) Don Bly, Ted Lumpkin, Earthna Jacquet, Jean Richardson

Harvard Park and the Pete Brown Scholarship Fund celebrated Black History Month on February 20, 2016  by honoring seven outstanding tennis players. Titled “Living Legends in our Community” the list of recipients did not disappoint. Those honored at Harvard Park in Los Angeles included: Don Bly, Earthna Jacquet, Mel Lewis, Ted Lumpkin, Jean Richardson, Larry Smith and Dee Williams Horne.

Hosted by Delores Simmons and Marty Woods, the program included exhibition tennis as well as the celebration of the accomplishments of the individuals. As Delores Simmons said: It is important to look back at history and see the progress that has been made and how the ATA (American Tennis Association) opened tennis avenues to Black players. It was the organization that they depended on. In time, players were able to join groups breaking the color barrier. It was a long process, but like the USTA, the ATA had a high bar set for players, so when they did move up it was because of their ability and talent.”    CLICK Here for the Legends BIOs

Attending the event included Richard Hawkins, a long time member of Harvard Park Tennis Club and an active ATA member; Jerome Jones, who was a friend of Arthur Ashe and helped set up the NJTL program (Safe Passages) at Home Depot; Maurice Hunter, long time tennis player now competing in tournaments; and John Hall, a 30-year member of the Harvard Tennis Club.

The Southern California Tennis Association is proud of the work being done at Harvard Park, by Harvard Tennis Club President Alyce Brown and by the leaders of the Pete Brown Scholarship Fund.

Jean Richardson
Jean Richardson
Marty Woods & Don Bly
Marty Woods & Don Bly
Don Bly & Daughter D'Arcy Bly
Don Bly with daughter D’Arcy Bly
ted Lumpkin
Ted Lumpkin
Brown fam Jim Buck
Mrs. Pete (Theresa) Brown, Vanessa Brown (Pete’s daughter), Jim Buck(SCTA Board of Directors)
Richard Hawkins, Jerome Jones, Maurice Hunter, John Hall, and Marty Woods.
Richard Hawkins, Jerome Jones, Maurice Hunter, John Hall, and Marty Woods.
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Despite racial issues, Hollis Smith left mark on tennis https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/diversity/despite-racial-issues-hollis-smith-left-mark-on-tennis/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/diversity/despite-racial-issues-hollis-smith-left-mark-on-tennis/#respond Mon, 21 Mar 2016 23:11:59 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=6246 Longtime Indian Wells Tennis Garden tennis club member Hollis Smith talks BNP Paribas Open, Venus Williams’ return. Read the full article at The Desert Sun.

Denise Goolsby, The Desert Sun 10:36 a.m. PST March 8, 2016

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UCSB to host 1st annual charity tournament https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/ucsb-to-host-1st-annual-charity-tournament/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/ucsb-to-host-1st-annual-charity-tournament/#respond Wed, 06 Jan 2016 07:31:55 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=5142 Read More]]> rsz_1rsz_img_8072Kevin Young was a standout with the UC Santa Barbara Club Tennis team. A co-president and doubles starter, Young, helped take the team to the top of the pack in Southern California. Now, a year removed from the program, Young has set his sights on another prize. He’s hosting USTA Southern California’s first Tennis On Campus Charity Tournament alongside the UCSB Club Tennis team. All proceeds from the tournament will go directly to the National Parkinson’s Foundation– a charity close to Young’s heart.

Young’s grandfather has lived with the disease for years, so he’s familiar with the toll it can take on a person and their loved ones.

“I want to do more with my life,” Young said. “I want to help people. I wanted to do this tournament to bring awareness to the cause and hopefully raise a little money for Parkinson’s research.”

Awaiting pharmacy school, Young has been out of college for a few months now, but he’s still keeping ties with his Gaucho tennis teammates. The UCSB Club Team has been instrumental in getting the tournament off the ground. UCSB President Lincoln Howarth and club member Kelly Chan have worked with the school’s administration to secure courts, file the proper paperwork, and rally the troops of course.

As of Tuesday, the tournament has nearly 60 entrants with an anticipated fundraising total growing toward $1,000.

The tournament includes doubles draws for men, women, and mixed teams. The entry fee is $15/player and the format is set for 8-game pro-sets, but with rain in the forecast, could change.

The Southern California Tennis Association is providing lunch for the players on Saturday. Young and the Gauchos are providing the fun.

“Pharmacy is a profession that allows me to help people, but at the end of the day, it’s a job I’ll be paid to do.” Young said.  “It’s not truly altruistic. This is something we’re all doing out of the kindness of our hearts. It gives life meaning. Every little bit of money raised counts. Hopefully we can say we helped find a cure someday.”


The tournament is scheduled for January 9th and 10th at UC Santa Barbara. To make a personal donation, please contact Kevin Young (keviny9988@gmail.com) or Lincoln Howarth (lincoln.howarth@gmail.com) for more information.

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Diversity & Inclusion Grants https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/diversity-and-inclusion-grants/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/youth-tennis/diversity-and-inclusion-grants/#respond Wed, 25 Nov 2015 20:56:42 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=4892 Read More]]> 2016 DIVERSITY & INCLUSION GRANTS


Diversity & Inclusion grants offer financial support to:

  1. Athletes of ethnic or diverse backgrounds.
  2. High performance tennis programs that serve to develop players of ethnic or racially diverse backgrounds OR that serve low-income junior tennis players and enable them to use their tennis ability to secure a college education.

Available Grants
Multicultural Individual Player Grant for National Competition & Training
Okechi Womeodu Scholar Athlete Grant
Althea Gibson Leadership Award
Pancho González Scholar Athlete Grant
Asian-American Scholar Athlete Leadership Grant
Native American Scholar Athlete Leadership Grant
Multicultural Excellence Program Grant

To apply, please click on the applicable grant application below and also fill out this W-9 form.

Multicultural Individual Player Grant for National Competition & Training

Provide funding to competitive junior players aspiring to achieve national and/or international rankings. Funding will be based on participation in specific USTA sanctioned tournaments in 2016. Must be training and competing in tournaments year-round and have a history of strong national tournament results.

National Contacts:
Yasmine Osborn, Manager, Diversity (914) 572-2547 Yasmine.osborn@usta.com or
Terri Arnold-McKenzie, Coordinator, Diversity (914) 697-2381 Arnold@usta.com

Okechi Womeodu Scholar Athlete Grant

Honoring the memory, life and achievements of Okechi Womeodu, who otherwise would have had a very promising future, both on and off the court. Rewards players who work to excel as much in the classroom as in sports. Must be training and competing in tournaments year-round, have a history of strong national tournaments results and a minimum GPA of 3.0.

National Contacts:
Yasmine Osborn, Manager, Diversity (914) 572-2547 Yasmine.osborn@usta.com or
Terri Arnold-McKenzie, Coordinator, Diversity (914) 697-2381 Arnold@usta.com

Number of grants available: 1 grant (African-American male)

Althea Gibson Leadership Award

Honoring  the memory, life and achievements of Althea Gibson, the first African-American Grand Slam champion, who paved the way for millions who followed. Rewards players who work to excel in leading others both on and off the court. Must be training and competing in tournaments year-round.

National Contacts:
Yasmine Osborn, Manager, Diversity (914) 572-2547 Yasmine.osborn@usta.com or
Terri Arnold-McKenzie, Coordinator, Diversity (914) 697-2381 Arnold@usta.com
Number of grants available: 1 grant (African-American female)

Pancho González Scholar Athlete Grant

In honor of Pancho Gonzalez, the Mexican-American icon who won two U.S. Championships men’s singles titles and whose dedication to the sport of tennis brought together fans from all walks of life. We look to reward a player(s) who work to excel in leading others both on and off the court. The recipient(s) must be training and competing in tournaments year-round.

National Contacts:
Yasmine Osborn, Manager, Diversity (914) 572-2547 Yasmine.osborn@usta.com or
Terri Arnold-McKenzie, Coordinator, Diversity (914) 697-2381 Arnold@usta.com
Number of grants available: 2 grants (one male and one female)

Asian-American Scholar Athlete Leadership Grant 

In honor of the achievements of Asian-American tennis pioneers who paved the way for millions who followed, we look to reward a player(s) who work to excel in leading others both on and off the court. The recipient(s) must be training and competing in tournaments year-round.

National Contacts:
Yasmine Osborn, Manager, Diversity (914) 572-2547 Yasmine.osborn@usta.com or
Terri Arnold-McKenzie, Coordinator, Diversity (914) 697-2381 Arnold@usta.com
Number of grants available: 2 grants (one male and one female)

Native American Scholar Athlete Leadership Grant

In honor of the achievements of Native American tennis pioneers who paved the way for millions who followed, we look to reward a player(s) who work to excel in leading others both on and off the court. The recipient(s) must be training and competing in tournaments year-round.

National Contact:
Yasmine Osborn, Manager, Diversity (914) 572-2547 Yasmine.osborn@usta.com or
Terri Arnold-McKenzie, Coordinator, Diversity (914) 697-2381 Arnold@usta.com
Number of grants available: 2 grants (one male and one female)

Multicultural Excellence Program Grant

Provide funding to competitive junior development programs that are training youngsters aspiring to achieve national and/or international rankings. Funding will be based on number of players with sectional and national rankings in a specific program. Must be a year-round program that provides a high level of on-court instruction and off-court training opportunities and must have a history of developing tournament level players.

National Contacts:
Yasmine Osborn, Manager, Diversity (914) 572-2547 Yasmine.osborn@usta.com or
Terri Arnold-McKenzie, Coordinator, Diversity (914) 697-2381 Arnold@usta.com

For USTA Southern California section support with the grant process, please email
Bruce Hunt at Bhunt@scta.usta.com or call (310) 208-3838.

For a full list of USTA grants visit,

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Santa Barbara TC Hosts Event Benefiting Special Olympics https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/santa-barbara-tc-hosts-event-benefiting-special-olympics/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/santa-barbara-tc-hosts-event-benefiting-special-olympics/#respond Tue, 06 Oct 2015 19:11:04 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=4433 Read More]]> The Santa Barbara Tennis Patrons and Santa Barbara Tennis Club joined forces to put on their 6th Annual Tennis Classic benefiting Special Olympics Santa Barbara.

The event ran as a Special Olympics Tennis Classic, which paired local Special Olympics athletes with players from UCSB, SBCC, Westmont College, and local high schools.

There were 29 Special Olympics Athletes there, along with roughly 50 college and high school volunteers.

The Classic was followed directly by a men’s and women’s tennis doubles mixer, which was a pay-to-play event. The Santa Barbara Tennis Patrons Facebook page says the event raised over $5,000.

As always, the Classic was free for spectators and offered a fun opportunity to see the skills and community of Special Olympics athletes.

2015 event sponsors included Kamunity Properties, Bank of the West, Santa Barbara Tennis Patrons, Santa Barbara Tennis Club, The Tennis Shop, Head, Penn, USTA Southern California, Bob Appetit and Easy Lift transportation.

For more information about Special Olympics Santa Barbara and the Special Olympics tennis team, visit SOSC’s Santa Barbara page or contact Regional Director Gina Carbajal at gcarbajal@sosc.org.

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SoCal Gears Up for North/South Wheelchair Team Challenge https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/socal-gears-up-for-northsouth-wheelchair-team-challenge/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/socal-gears-up-for-northsouth-wheelchair-team-challenge/#respond Fri, 25 Sep 2015 21:31:22 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=4056 Read More]]> USTA Southern California is currently accepting applications for the annual North South Wheelchair Team Challenge, which will take place October 24-25 at Sunnyside Health and Tennis Club in Fresno, California.

Now in its fifth year, the event offers a unique opportunity for local wheelchair players to team up and compete against our friendly rivals to the north! The teams include two players from each section in the following divisions: Open, A, B, C, Women, and Quad.WC 3

Team captains for the 2015 Challenge include Todd Hanover and Jerry Russell for Southern California and Mike Yousefi and David Van Brunt for Northern California.

Russel has been competing in this event since its inception in 2011 and is an active member of the wheelchair tennis community in Southern California.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Russel said. “I have played in many tournaments all over the place, but this is something special. It’s the closest thing we have to Davis Cup. It’s been a great way to get people together in a different atmosphere.”

Northern California has a 3-1 team record over Southern California in the North/South Wheelchair Team Challenge. The Challenge Cup has not seen the Southern California coastline since the tournament’s first year, when the SoCal team captured its first and only title.

“Our team is definitely anxious to bring the cup back to Southern California where it belongs,” Hanover said.

And you can expect the SoCal team to give it their all this year, as they always do.

“It’s a friendly rivalry, but we can get extremely competitive on the court.” Russel commented. “All of the players know each other pretty well, but we really get behind each other when the matches are out. We’re playing for the team, not just ourselves.”

WC 2Hanover enters into his second year as a player in the event and is taking the reins as co-captain. He encourages all Southern California wheelchair tennis players to take note and support the cause.

“This is one of the most unique and fun events I have ever played and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Matches will begin Saturday at 12:00 p.m. followed by dinner for all of the players at the club. Sunday matches will begin at 9 a.m. and will be followed by lunch and awards.

October 5th is the deadline to apply as a Southern California team representative. Players will be chosen based on their 2015 record and availability.

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SCTA Proudly Supported the Special Olympics World Games in LA https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/scta-proudly-supported-the-special-olympics-world-games-in-la/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/community-tennis/scta-proudly-supported-the-special-olympics-world-games-in-la/#respond Fri, 07 Aug 2015 22:06:49 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=3502 Read More]]> SPECIALOLYMPICSLOGO

Athletes from around the world traveled to Los Angeles this July to participate in the 2015 Special Olympic World Games. The Southern California Tennis Association was a proud supporter of the game and contributor to the Support an Athlete Campaign. It takes $2,500 to fund one athlete’s participation to the World Games. With support from the tennis community and matching from the SCTA Foundation a total of $5,108 was raised, exceeding our goal

The funds covered the travel and housing expenses for Akina Horiguchi from Japan and Steven Azofeifa of Costa Rica. Anika is pictured below with Linda Milan, SCTA Director of Support Services.

Over $1,000 oAkina_in_LAf the donations were collected through a fundraiser at Wurstkutche in Venice. The restaurant partnered with the SCTA and agreed to donate 15% of their profits from one day to the cause.

Aside from fundraising, the SCTA purchased a half page ad in the 2015 program and promoted the Games and Special Olympics Fan in the Stands program through various SCTA media channels.

The tennis portion of the Games was hosted at the LA Tennis Center on the UCLA campus. The SCTA staff and tennis fans enjoyed the privilege to watch the matches in our backyard.


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SCTA Foundation is matching donations to benefit the Special Olympics World Games! https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/scta-foundation-is-matching-donations-to-benefit-the-special-olympic-world-games/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/scta-foundation-is-matching-donations-to-benefit-the-special-olympic-world-games/#respond Thu, 28 May 2015 22:09:50 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=2328 Read More]]> SPECIALOLYMPICSLOGO

Arriving from all corners of the world, 7,000 athletes will compete in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games staged in Los Angeles this summer.

It takes $2,500 to fund one athlete’s participation in the Games and the Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) is proud to announce its support of the athlete’s journey.  Make a difference by making your donation today! Click here to make a donation.

The Southern California Tennis Association Foundation will match contributions up to $5,000 benefiting the “Support an Athlete” Program. Every time the SCTA reaches a $2,500 milestone we will be paired with a new athlete. Our first athlete was Steven Azofeifa of Costa Rica! We reached our first milestone and now our second athlete is Akina Horiguchi of Japan!

Visit Support.la2015.org/sctafoundation to make a tax-deductible donation today!


Join us on Tuesday, June 23rd for a restaurant fundraiser at Wurstkuche in Venice Beach!

The restaurant will be donating 10% of the proceeds to our fundraising efforts and the SCTA Foundation will be matching the donations. Wurstkuche is an exotic sausage grill serving sausage sandwiches, Belgian fries with homemade dipping sauces, twenty four imported beers on tap, and a gourmet collection of sodas. We hope to see you there! Click here to see the Facebook Event.

Wurstkuche Fundraiser
Tuesday, June 23
625 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA

The Tennis portion of the Special Olympics World Games will be hosted at the Los Angeles Tennis Center at UCLA starting on July 13th. For more information, visit LA2015.org.

Click here to donate today!

SCTA FundraiserEvent

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8th Annual ATA Western Sectional Tournament was a huge success! https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/8th-annual-ata-western-sectional-tournament-was-a-huge-success/ https://southerncaliforniatennis.org/tennis-news/8th-annual-ata-western-sectional-tournament-was-a-huge-success/#respond Wed, 20 May 2015 21:55:19 +0000 http://southerncaliforniatennis.org/?p=2267 Read More]]> The 8th Annual ATA Western Sectional Tournament was held in Las Vegas April 17-19, 2015, sponsored by the Pacific Coast Championships (PCC). All who participated said it was agreat success.  Not only was it 8th Annual ATA Western Sectional Tournament great competition but a variety of fun social activities were also offered. A few of the activities included a luau with tasty Hawaiian food, games and dancing, a group dinner and show, and a brunch. Part of the success of the tournament was contributed to Destination Tennis Travel Club, a member club of the PCC, who provided a “Party Bus” from San Diego and Los Angeles to Las Vegas. They also arranged the hotel accommodations which participants said “was absolutely great and at such a reasonable cost!” Attendees came from California, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington and even as far as Puerto Rico!

The tournament consisted of singles, doubles and mixed doubles and was USTA and ATA sanctioned. The ATA, American Tennis Association, was founded in 1916 primarily to provide an avenue for competitive tennis for African Americans and other minorities who were not allowed to participate in the USTA. Greats such as Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson were examples of products from the ATA annual national tournaments. Now of course participants are from all ethnic groups. A wonderful display of the rich history and heritage of the ATA was on exhibit during the tournament.

A highlight of the tournament was a Super Senior Tribute match with players in their 80’s who have been avid players for the majority of their lives. All who were present welcomed them with great respect and appreciation.

Plans for the 9th annual Vegas tournament will soon be underway. The ATA is also preparing for its 100th anniversary celebrations which will span over 2016-2017. Please join us! For more information contact Lisa Braboy at 310 621-5961 or Iris Van Sciver at 323 573-2203.

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