USTA SoCal Ramps Up Programs for 18-39 Age Group

With the summer months ahead of us, USTA Southern California is committed to bringing fun programs to young adults in the region.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more young people enter into USTA programs, and we continue to evolve our programs to reflect our 18-to-39 population. The USTA has great programs for the uber-competitive player, and we continue to enhance opportunities for the social and recreational tennis player.

Be part of USTA Southern California 18-to-39 leagues and socials, playing alongside peers, friends, and colleagues! There are no DQ’s, and only a few rules. The programs are SOCIALLY competitive… break a sweat and meet cool new people in your area at the same time. We’ll be experimenting with different play formats, and pushing our players to put a new spin on their tennis!

The best way to stay up to date on all the things we are doing for young adults it to join our 18-39 Facebook Group. We’ve also created an 18-39 website to house all of our programs – like Sip ‘N Serve, 18-39 league play, and a general 18-39 calendar for one-day play days and tennis parties.

If you need any additional information on our young adult efforts, feel free to contact Madeline Segura (

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