Adult 40&Over 3.0 and 4.0 Sectional Winners

Congratulations to the teams that made it to the Finals of the Adult 40 & Over Sectionals at the 3.0 & 4.0 levels and to the Champions that will be representing SoCal at Nationals on October 18-20!

4.0M Champs – SB Average Joes – Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club – Capt: W. Kautz
4.0M Finalist – SGV Live Oaks – Capt: Rick Brandley/Greg Howard
4.0F Champs – SD La Jolla TC – Capt: Terri Bourne
4.0F Finalist – OC Marguerite Tennis Pavilion – Capt: Beth Ng

3.0M Champs – BC Manhattan CC – Capt: David Bier/Mike Yogi
3.0M Finalist – SGV Dare Doubles – Arcadia Pk – Capt: Wilson Yu/Shirley Flores
3.0F Champs – BC Manhattan CC – Capt: Leasa Ireland
3.0F Finalist – SDNC Morgan Run – Capt: Jan Lapp/Sandra Sweat

3.0F Champs-BC Manhattan CC-Capt Leasa Ireland


3.0F Finalist-SDNC Morgan Run-Capt Jan Lapp and Sandra Sweat


3.0M Champs – BC Manhattan CC-Capts Mike Yogi and David Bier


3.0M Finalist-SGV Dare Doubles-Arcadia Pk-Capt Wilson Yu and Shirley Flores


4.0F Champs-SD La Jolla TC-Capt Terri Bourne


4.0F Finalist-OC Marguerite Tennis Pavilion-Capt Beth Ng


4.0M Champs-SB Average Joes-Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club-Capt W.Kautz


4.0M Finalist-SGV Live Oaks-Capt Rick Brandley-Greg Howard

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