2017 Section Captain of the Year Finalists Announced

USTA League Tennis is one of the premier programs offered tour players.

One of the key factors in its success is the dedication of our League Captains.

In 2017, we are recognizing those who make a difference to so many in their local community.

Throughout 2017, Area League Coordinators nominated outstanding captains for each division (Mixed 18 Over, Adult 40 & Over, etc.) They based their selections on the following criteria:

  • Mentors others
  • Displays Leadership
  • Respectful of players and other captains
  • Takes responsibility for actions
  • Organized
Those nominees were then reviewed at the Section Level and the following captains have been chosen as finalists:
  • Adult 18 & Over: Terry Bell, Ventura
  • Adult 40 & Over: Joyce Kammer, San Diego
  • Adult 55 & Over: Seslie Kay, Inland Empire
  • Adult 65 & Over: Kay Serrano, San Diego North County
  • Mixed 18 & Over: Norma Iskenderian, Beach Cities
  • Mixed 40 & Over: Mark Bauer, San Diego
  • Tri-Level: Andrea Tieng, Los Angeles
  • SCTA Doubles: Lynn Hertz, Ventura

All finalists will be honored at a luncheon during the first quarter of 2018, where the SCTA Section Captain of the Year will be announced.

Honorable Mention:

Alex Truong-Orange County, Allan Chio-Ventura, Beth Munce-San Diego North County, Carol Harvard-Ventura, Dan Meyers-San Fernando Valley, David Trandal-Santa Barbara, Doris Hoffmann-Coachella Valley, Eduardo Rodriguez-Los Angeles, Eric Vogelsang-Inland Empire, Janet Wisialowski-Beach Cities, Jeanne Shelter-Inland Empire, Jo Manheim-San Diego North County, Josie Hendrix-San Diego North County, Karen Sieffert and Sharon Spangler-San Gabriel Valley, Lisa Shirley-San Diego, Lori Harris-Ventura, Mel Welch-Ventura, Nancy Kutner-San Diego, Nikki and Margie Robbins-San Fernando Valley, Patrick Gomulka-Inland Empire, Rebecca Summers-Santa Barbara, Roxane Clare-Santa Barbara, Ruth Hoffman-San Diego, Samantha Nelson-San Diego, Steve Debbas-Ventura, Steve Lakowske-Central Coast, Susan McDonald-Ventura, Tony Chuan-Beach Cities, Veronica Buck-Tomm-Santa Barbara, Vicky Benito-San Diego North County, Walt Seeman-Santa Barbara.

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