LA’s 18-39 League is Back!

The Los Angeles league area is offering its second annual 18-39 league. This program will maintain the normal league structure that players love, but will ensure a social experience with an age cap at 39. During the season, players will compete in their regularly scheduled matches, but will also have the opportunity to play in a number of social events. These events include: professional WTT matches, cardio tennis classes, post-match hangouts, and more!

In LA’s 18-39 league, teams will have co-ed rosters and matches will consist of three types of doubles: men’s, women’s and mixed.  Team rating levels are set at the 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0 levels, so friends can be on the same team even if they are at different rating levels. This league is open to players who are not members of USTA.  Non-USTA members will pay a different registration fee, but will need to set-up a free USTA account.

Play is set to start in July and registration is now open! To register for the league, players will sign up on TennisLink and use the Introductory Team number (#6517357060). Our League Coordinators will reach out to you shortly to help you find a team. If you and a friend(s) want to play together, we can make that happen!

Interested in captaining? Don’t have a team? Need more information? Contact your League Coordinators Michelle and Debbie at

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