Barbara Roorda Named 2018 Captain of the Year

USTA Southern California honored some of the section’s best League Captains at a celebratory luncheon on Saturday.

In 2018, the section ran its second annual Captain of the Year program – where Area League Coordinators nominated up to four outstanding League Captains for their areas.

One captain from each of the 13 areas was selected as their area’s Captain of the Year. Those 13 winners were invited to a luncheon as a thank you for their service and for the chance to be named the section’s 2018 Captain of the Year.

San Diego North County’s Barbara Roorda was named overall winner for her enthusiasm and dedication to the sport.

“Barbara has been a remarkable partner and volunteer coordinator in North County San Diego,” San Diego League Coordinator Randie Lettington wrote in her nomination letter. “As an accomplished USTA player, she has spread her passion with others by initiating ‘learn about USTA’ meetings, helping to build out teams (she even was a virtual/ non-playing captain for a lower level team and recruited a 5.0 player to do the same for a 3.5 team). They did this to help train new captains which worked beautifully as these captains now are managing rosters at their respective levels.”

Though only one captain could be named USTA Southern California Captain of the Year, all of our area winners were worthy contenders. Congratulations to the 2018 winners:

Fay Zuccato – Bakersfield

Ken Godinez – Beach Cities

Susan Daymude- Central Coast

Hady Fleming –Coachella Valley

Robert Hessler – Inland Empire

Ron Kaufmann – Los Angeles

Alex Truong – Orange County

Samantha Nelson – San Diego

Barbara Roorda – San Diego North County

Margie and Nikki Robbins – San Fernando Valley

Kenny Pedroza – San Gabriel Valley

Lynne Edell – Santa Barbara

Hiromi Dever – Ventura

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