2017 Adult Tournament Season Begins

2017 Adult Tournament Season Begins…… Tournaments Can Help You Improve Your Game!

Have you been wondering what tournaments are all about? Why people play them?  Is there a benefit?

The 2017 tournament season is upon us and whether you are a novice or seasoned player, there is a tournament for you.

You may be wondering why you would want to play a tournament.  Tournaments allow us to evaluate our game against similar ability players – both from a stroke perspective and a mental perspective. Many players can play casually or meet a friend and “hit” for an hour or 2 and think they are at the top of their game. Nothing is on the line and a missed shot here or there is easily forgotten. Are you really improving or just think you are?

Playing a tournament match against a player you do not know can be a wake up call to your game. It may show you that you are competitive and can make your shots under pressure – or not.  Most of us want to make the shots, win the points and confirm what we feel we know – that we are as good as we think! That we can win the match!

The 2017 tournament season offers tournaments for every level – whether you want to play a local NTRP event, an Adult age-based event or for those who are advanced players, National tournaments.

If you enjoy the competition of USTA leagues, you may want to test yourself in a tournament. Many players use tournaments to sharpen their game. They play against opponents that they are not familiar with which forces them to be keenly aware of the strokes and tactics of their opponent and make decisions and adjustments while playing.

Too busy to give up an entire weekend for a tournament? Tournament Directors are continuing to introduce new, alternative formats to accommodate the changing lifestyles of players. These may include round robin flights with multiple play opportunities during a 1 day event.  Each tournament listing will describe the format and the Tournament Director can be contacted for additional information.

The USTA Southern California provides a consistent tournament structure that ensures fair competition. To find a tournament in your area and ability, check out the Tennis Link website:  Http://www.tennislink.usta.com/tournaments.  

If you are new to tournaments , have questions or need help in navigating the tournament pages, please contact the SCTA office at 310-208-3838 and ask for either Linda, Jackie or Madeline. They will be happy to help.


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  • Excellent article. I play a lot of tournaments because it is a way to:

    1. Improve my game under pressure situations
    2. Learn to relax and focus under pressure situations
    3. Learn to be observant while playing so I can assess my opponents strengths and weaknesses and adapt my strategy and tactics to optimize my ability to win
    4. The fun of challenging yourself with each match keeps you improving
    5. It also makes me look forward to being older, as I always seem to do my best in terms of results and ranking the first 3 years I enter a new age bracket.

    It might be nice to hear from other tournament players as to why they play tournaments. I’ve been playing tournaments since I was about 38. I’m now 77. I hardly ever play NTRP tournaments, just playing within my own age group. I play between 5 and 10 tournaments a year.


  • I would like to host events as well as offer lessons at no charge.
    I am a retired player and would also like to partake in over 50 yr old tourneys.
    I have 45+years of solid tennis experience.
    I also have a court built here at my private home.

    Thank You and all the USTA has done for me throughout the years.

    Warm Regards, Todd Liess

  • I am 75 and had heart surgery 2 years ago. I love tennis but I probably don’t play as well as I used to. Probably best with 3.0 group. I can play most anytime except Tuesday. Let me know available schedules and locations so I can choose and advise when/where to show up. I live in Chula Vista so I prefer a court there.

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