$10,000 Equal Pay Open Tournament In Riverside

Equal pay . . . is the iTennis way! The 7th Annual iTennis Andulka Park Open Championship in Riverside Nov. 3-5 features equal pay for both men and women regardless of draw size.

Adult Open tournaments typically do not offer equal pay for both genders, since prize money tournaments historically attract more male entrants than female.

“Why should women pay the same entry fee for a smaller reward?” asked iTennis Andulka Open tournament director Evan Parry. “Last year we significantly increased prize money for women, and this year they’ll be rewarded on an equal playing field.” Total prize money has been increased to $10,000, enabling Parry to pay all men and women players down to quarterfinals in singles and semifinals in doubles.

Equally as important, proceeds from the tournament will support the efforts of Let’s Teach, a non-profit founded by Stanford All-American John Letts and Australian Open Champion Brian Teacher which brings community tennis programming to all kids regardless of economic or social status.

Tournament dates for the iTennis Andulka Park Open are November 3-5, entries close October 30th, and draw size will be determined by the number of entries.

Register online at www.tennislink.usta.com (tournament I.D. is 650008117). For tournament information, contact: itennisandulka@gmail.com or Evan Parry at 951-683-0667. For Let’s Teach information, contact: www.lets-teach.org.

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