Why Is Tennis So Good For Our Youth?


Why is tennis so good for our youth? The USTA spelled out why we should be proud to promote and develop the growth of tennis in the February 2013 special report, “More Than a Sport: Tennis, Education and Health.”

4-no-captionProduced by USTA Serves, the national charitable foundation of the USTA, More Than a Sport presents the major findings from a first-of-its-kind nationwide study that compares the educational and health profiles of adolescent tennis participants with participants in other non-contact sports and contact sports, as well as high school students who do not participate in sports.

The study was conducted by the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) on behalf of USTA Serves. The WSF, founded in 1974, is the leader in promoting sports, health and education for girls and women. Billie Jean King is the founder of the WSF and is its ongoing visionary.

More Than a Sport shows that, when compared to non-athletes and participants in many other sports, young people who participate in tennis get better grades, devote more hours to studying, think about the future, aspire to attend and graduate from university, and report lower suspension and expulsion rates. The “educational reach” of tennis participation is not only present in adolescents whose parents were college-educated, but is also present in varying degrees among students whose parents had some college, a high school degree or some high school education.

Summing up the report, tennis is a unique catalyst for educational advantage that promotes good behavior in school, occurs across and within all family socioeconomic levels, produces well-rounded community-minded individuals, and contributes to adolescent health. We can give our youth the opportunity to experience the benefits of tennis by introducing students to tennis in our schools.

That is why it is so important to start the tennis pipeline in the schools. If we can make all of our schools the starting points of the tennis pipeline, we will have a chance at producing better students, more participants in the ‘sport of a lifetime,’ and more potential high school, college, pro circuit, and adult players. If you know of a school that would like tennis, please contact me at 310.208.3339 and I will ask the Tennis Service Representative in that area to make contact. Cheers!

Bruce A. Hunt
Executive Director – Southern California Tennis Association


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