JUNIOR TENNIS: Early Development Camps and Youth Progression

It’s that time again where Early Development Camps (EDC) are starting up! If your son or daughter is between 7-10 years old and playing tennis on a regular basis with the Orange or Green Ball, then they need to register for the Early Development Camps. The Camps are designed for players to learn athletic and technical skills, game development, tactics, and participate in junior match play. The EDC camps are a great way for players to learn from the best and have fun!

This year the EDC camps will be back to back days. The price for the 2-day Camp will be $85. Instruction will be on the first day and a match play tournament, with multiple opponents will be held the following day. You are able to register via USTA TennisLink.

Players will earn participation stars towards their Youth Progression. Each player will earn 5 stars, which is equivalent to 250 points, for completing the 2 day camp. They will also receive 4 Stars and a possible 4 more for winning the tournament portion or 3 for being finalists. As an added bonus there will be a Grand Prix Level 5 Tournament for Green Dot and a Grand Prix Orange Ball Tournament held in November at the USTA Training Center in Carson. Players will be selected by the coaches to participate in the Grand Prix where players will also earn stars and/or trophies towards their Youth Progression. Please note that the ratio of players to coaches is limited, and that curriculum is designed by the USTA High Performance Player Development team.

Orange Ball and Green Ball Camps return again this year. The Camps will be held at Santa Monica High School, Braemar Country Club, and Claremont Tennis Club, with plans formulating to host camps in the San Diego (TBA) area as well. These camps will be run by some of the best coaches in Southern California, including USTA High Performance Faculty Coaches James Ireland, Sue Pendo, Barry Friedman, Debbie Mahdessian, and Darren Richer. We look forward to seeing you out at the courts for these events!

For further information, please contact Meg Broccolo at broccolo@scta.usta.com or Trevor Kronemann at tkronemann@scta.usta.com.


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