Who Is Teaching Your Child How To Play Tennis?


The USTA will launch a new youth brand called Net Generation to the public later this year.  Currently, the USTA is asking tennis providers like facilities, clubs, schools, parks and recreation departments, and independent programs to register on NetGeneration.com so that consumers will be able to find all manner of tennis programs in their neighborhoods during the public launch.

One of the requirements to register a program on NetGeneration.com is that all providers must take the Safe Play online course and pass a background screening.  The USTA is taking this step to ensure that everyone who provides tennis under the NetGeneration.com brand has been vetted and is safe to be around your child.

When you see an instructor on a court, it is not easy to determine if he or she is qualified to be a teacher.  The recognized tennis teaching certification bodies, United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), require that instructors pass classes on how to teach tennis but neither of them does a background screening of their members.  For a USPTA or PTR pro to register on NetGeneration.com, he or she will have to pass a background screening.

The USTA wants all youth to have a tennis experience to see if they like the sport and want to keep playing.  Part of that experience should be that the person showing the child how to play tennis is safe to be around.  When you see NetGeneration.com promotions later this year, you will know that steps have been taken by the USTA to provide quality tennis providers for your child.  Our mission is to get and keep Southern Californians engaged in tennis and the foremost way is to provide safety first.  Enjoy!

Bruce A. Hunt – Executive Director
Southern California Tennis Association

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Mr. Hunt:
    I’ve been a serious tennis player for the past 30 years and am rated a 4.0-4.5.
    I taught my granddaughter the basics, then provided professional lessons for her, Mentored her tennis for 10 years before a hip problem forced her out of the program.
    I love tennis and I love kids. I’m not certified, but would love to be a part of the NetGeneration program. I can pass any background test, be it FBI or CIA. Please advise how I can be a part of this program.
    Joan Kerr

  2. Joan, thanks for playing tennis, being a USTA member, and teaching your granddaughter how to play. Please copy this URL to your browser
    https://netgeneration.usta.com/ and register to be a NetGeneration youth tennis provider. You would select Parent/Volunteer as your category. I appreciate your desire to be part of Net Generation. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best regards,

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