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Tennis Takes Center Stage with Our Very Own Carlin McCullough

Catch the world premiere of “Our Very Own Carlin McCullough now onstage through July 29th at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood.  ” Written by Amanda Peet, the play tells the story of  a single mother who discovers that her 10-year old daughter Carlin is a tennis prodigy.  “Our Very Own Carlin McCullough” takes a close-up look at the world of junior tennis.  As Carlin, her mother and her coach navigate the world of competitive junior tennis, and the highs and lows that go with it, they all face the pressures that come with success in different ways.

Mamie Gummer takes on the role of mom, Cyn, and does a wonderful job portraying a typical tennis Mom, only wanting the best for her child, but not always knowing which path to follow to get her there.

Coach Jay, played by Joe Tippett, hit the mark perfectly, trying to balance the relationships between mom and daughter, as well as his own relationship with both of them.

The role of Carlin is shared by Abigail Dylan Harrison (Carlin at 10) and Caroline Heffernan (Carlin at 17).  Both young women portray their roles well as we see Carlin grow up from a bright eyed 10-year old phenom, with the world at her feet, to a 17-year old who has battled pressure and injuries and stands at a crossroad with her mother and her tennis future.

The play is based in tennis, but it also offers insight into relationships with families and coaches, and like any relationship, they can get complicated.  Author Amanda Peet  explains, “It wasn’t tennis that attracted me. It was the idea of having a crush on the same man your mom has a crush on,” she says. “It’s also about what it’s like to be coming to middle age and having a blossoming daughter, and how to cope with the feelings of launching someone into the world fairly, with your complete blessing. Tennis was just sort of the way it came to me.”

It is USTA So Cal week at Our Very Own Carlin McCullough – now onstage through July 29th at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood. Get tickets now at and use code OURTENNIS to receive a 25% USTA So Cal member discount on tickets. #OurVeryOwnCarlinGP


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