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Tennis Serves Others: On the Tennis Court and in the Community

Each week we visit our Champions of Southern California Tennis – those who go above and beyond to promote and grow the game throughout SoCal and beyond. These individuals and organizations deliver the game of tennis to a variety of audiences, often in places where the significance of tennis goes far beyond the court itself. As we share their stories with you, we commend their ongoing efforts to grown the game and make positive, life-changing impacts on those they touch. 

Tennis Serves Others was founded in 2016 by like-minded women who loved tennis and wanted to promote charitable activities that would benefit a wide range of both individuals non-profit groups in the local Los Angeles community and around the world. The organization currently has 100 members in its Orange County and Los Angeles Chapters. Tennis Serves Others is supported by volunteer members and donations solicited from the public. They are planning to continue to expand. Their goal is to inspire and unite more women in the values of playing tennis and serving the community.

“Tennis Serves Others serves great passions of mine, tennis and helping others,” said Carol Walsh, Founder & Chairperson of Tennis Serves Others. “We love to Play Tennis, Serve Others and Love All.”

Photo Courtesy of Tennis Serves Others

Tennis Serves Others has many programs. They have several small round robins at different country clubs, where they collect money and goods to give back to worthwhile causes. In addition, Tennis Serves Others has an ongoing service project in which they collect gently used shoes and donate them to those in need. The organization typically donates to homeless shelters and orphanages in Tijuana, but it has also given to National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL), as well as to children in Africa. Tennis Serves Others is hoping to expand the program by placing more boxes and donating to more in needy recipients.

The organization annually hosts the Wimbledon Charity Gala & Tournament. This year, the event benefitted Wings for Crossover, a nonprofit organization founded in June of 2013. Tennis Serves Others will be accepting community applications from July to October 15, 2017, for 2018’s Wimbledon Charity Gala & Tournament.

“Service to others is transforming,” Walsh said.  “It fulfills a higher purpose in our lives and with the game we love- tennis.”      


– Jeremy Goode

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