SCTA Net Generation Meeting Assists Pros and Providers in Orange County

As a kid, Ryan Endraske was a baseball player who didn’t like waiting for his turn to be involved in the sport. On a lark, he picked up a tennis racket and never looked back. Now a USPTA teaching professional from San Clemente, his passion is bring the game to as many kids as possible.

Endraske, a father of three, was one of 15 coaches who attended a recent Net Generation Meeting sponsored by the Southern California Tennis Association at the Racquet Club of Irvine. The event was organized by Orange County Tennis Service Representative Spencer Wayman and led by SCTA Director of Marketing Cari Buck. The goal of the Net Generation meeting was to assist pros, coaches and providers in signing up as a Net Generation coach or provider. Also on hand to help were SCTA Tennis Service Representatives Donald Wong, Tiffany Mai, and Karen Ronney.

“This was an opportunity for pros to meet, learn about Net Generation, and get help signing up,” Wayman said. “It’s great if you are just getting started. Things are broken down for all levels.”

Endraske’s path to a career in tennis included competing for Shasta Junior College, and he later focused on his education and graduated from San Diego State University. He said he believes in the value in the USTA’s Red-Orange-Green curriculum and the junior pathway to tennis success.

“I’m not sure if tennis found me or I found tennis but I am really grateful,” said Andraske, who teaches at Liberty Park. “It has given me a passion to focus on grassroots tennis and bring all types of programs to my juniors and adults. I want to show them the stepping stones to learn to play tennis.”

Buck explained to the dedicated group of coaches the Net Generation brand is a program that offers a plethora of resources including lesson plans at all levels, flyers and more. A certified USPTA and PTR teaching pro should register as a coach. Those without the certification can sign up as providers. There is room for all.

Net Generation is here to help you build your business,” Buck said. “You can go online and create a personal profile. Parents can find tennis providers with zip codes find safe places to play for their kids. We’re not telling people how to coach. We just want to give them resources.”

The Net Generation “green light” clearance includes a background check and passing an online SafePlay program. When working with children in schools, a key Net Generation element is to connect the school with a community partner, which could be a club or tennis program.  Also, SCTA Tennis Service Representatives can help facilitate the process.

Mike Thoeresz, the Director of Tennis for the Racket Club of Irvine, was happy to offer his club as a host site for the event. He is a firm believer in the Net Generation brand of tennis.

“Getting into the school system can be like breaking into Fort Knox,” Thoeresz said. “It’s unbelievably hard but with the support of the Tennis Service Reps and the USTA this is a golden opportunity to bring tennis to more kids.”


Below is the list of Southern California Tennis Service Representatives and their areas:

To sign up for Net Generation go to






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