SCTA Junior Doubles Sectionals Kick Off 114th Annual Event

The 114th Annual SCTA Junior Doubles Sectionals has kicked off with play in each of the divisions starting this weekend. The finals are slated for a week from Sunday, Nov. 13, and will take place at the Los Caballeros Racquet & Sports Club in Fountain Valley.

Boys and girls will compete in age division 18s through 10s, as well as a mixed doubles event for each age group. The top-seeded team in the Boys’ 18s doubles is Ivan Thamma of San Diego and Maximilian Wild from Murrieta. The No. 2 team is Bryce Pereira of Arcadia and UCLA-bound Keegan Smith of San Diego.


Point Loma High classmates Ivan Thamma and Keegan Smith are hoping to face each other in the 18s final of the SCTA Junior Doubles Sectional as the former partners are seeded No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

In the Girls’ 18s, Emilee Duong (Placentia) and Jennifer Kerr (Carlsbad) make up the top team with Paulina Ferrari (San Diego) and Christie Wan (Rowland Heights) coming in as the No. 2 seeds.

The following are the top seeded teams in each of the respective divisions:

Mixed 18s: Mikayla Rinker (Fullerton) / Justin Wartenberg (Mission Viejo).

Boys’ 16s: Eshan Talluri (San Diego) / Siem Woldeab (La Mesa).

Girls’ 16s: Avery Aude (Woodland Hills) / Elizabeth Goldsmith (Chula Vista).

Mixed 16s: Elizabeth Goldsmith (Chula Vista) / Siem Woldeab (La Mesa).

Boys’ 14s: Max McKennon (Newport Beach) / Alexander Petrov (Irvine).

Girls’ 14s: Justine Dondonay (Alhambra) / Jennifer Kida (Wilmington).

Mixed 14s: Matthew Feng (Arcadia) / Jennifer Kida (Wilmington).

Boys’ 12s: Sebastian Gorzny (Irvine) / Dominique Rolland (West Hills).

Girls’ 12s: Iris Berman (Los Angeles) / Madeleine Jessup (Rancho Palos Verdes).

Mixed 12s: Iris Berman (Los Angeles) / Ethan Schiffman (Rancho Santa Fe).

Boys’ 10s are: Ethan Barrett (San Marino) / Brady Schaefgen (Laguna Beach).

Girls’ 10s: Jessica MacCallum (Laguna Beach) /Bianca Molnar (Ladera Ranch).

Mixed 10s: Brady Schaefgen (Laguna Beach) / Maya Senthil (Redlands).

Be sure to download the SCTA mobile app for all results and news about the event. To download, on iphone or Android, go to the App Store or Google Play store and search for “SCTA Tennis.”

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