How Does The SCTA Compare With Other Winners


How does the SCTA compare with other winning sports teams and individual athletes?

To be a winner, teams and athletes need to be effective and efficient.  Effective has been defined as doing the right things while efficient is defined as doing things right.  Effective is knowing whether to lob or pass the net rusher.  Efficient is actually hitting the lob or passing shot to the correct spot on the court.  You need to be effective and efficient to be a success and a winner.


I think the SCTA is effective when it …

  • Encourages local facilities to offer play opportunities for youth and adults
  • Engages volunteers to promote tennis in their communities
  • Provides opportunities for coaching education
  • Recruits more people to become USTA officials
  • Runs adult leagues and championships
  • Runs junior team tennis leagues and championships
  • Runs adult and junior tournament championships
  • Sponsors adult intersectional teams, youth zonal and intersectional teams
  • Organizes and underwrites NJTL sites
  • Promotes young adult social leagues
  • Motivates new players and families to play tennis
  • Brings tennis to schools at all levels
  • Promotes support of the local university, college, community college, high school and other school teams
  • Innovates and learns from other sports and activities
  • Expects sportsmanship from competitors, players and coaches

I think the SCTA is efficient when it …

  • Requires tournament directors to attend workshops
  • Conducts quality sectional league and tournament championships
  • Upholds league and tournament rules and procedures
  • Asks for feedback from our members
  • Provides educational seminars and workshops online and face to face about sportsmanship and scholarships for players and parents
  • Gives five star customer service
  • Strives for a great website
  • Assists committees and events to run smoothly
  • Trains and educates its staff and volunteers
  • Communicates with its customers/members

You can probably think of other ways for the SCTA to be effective and efficient in order to ensure that tennis will continue to prosper and attract new youth and adult players.  Tennis provides many mental, physical and social benefits to those who engage in the sport whether they are players, coaches, fans, officials, volunteers, or facility owners and managers.  If you see a way to help the SCTA grow tennis more effectively and efficiently, please share your thoughts with me at  Cheers!

Bruce A. Hunt – Executive Director
Southern California Tennis Association

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