Sophia Bott Named HEAD-Penn Western Region Tech Rep

Sophia Bott was named the new HEAD-Penn Western Region Tech Rep and she will service the Southern California tennis community. Bott, based in Santa Monica, played high-level Division 1 tennis at the University of Washington. She joins District Sales Managers Carrie Cimino, Tom Kelley, and Chuck Bahn in the field.

Carrie Cimino and Sophia Bott

“Sophia has an incredible amount of energy and passion for racquet sports,” said Erik Lange. “She has a fully stocked HEAD-Penn transit van and will be doing demo days, tournament booths, grassroots events, retailer visits, and much more.  If you have suggestions for events that you want her to attend, please let us know ASAP so we can incorporate into the schedule.”

To contact Sophia, email her at Welcome to Southern California Sophia!




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