CIF San Diego Section City Conference Fall Sports Wrap Up Brings Good News for High School Tennis

The California Interscholastic Federation San Diego Section fall wrap-up sports meeting offered updates and changes for next year. Over 100 coaches attended event recently held at Madison High School. It was mandated for all fall sports coaches, including girls’ tennis. The meeting was led by CIF-San Diego Section City Conference President Scott Guisti and supported by various league representatives. 

Cathedral Catholic High Head Tennis Coach Ron Marquez led the group of San Diego area tennis coaches and shared information on all aspects of high school girls’ tennis. He highlighted the process behind tennis Power Rankings and how they affect league and team groupings as well as placement in CIF Division competition.

“Power Rankings are basically a points system that takes into account a lot of things such as wins and losses, the strength of schedule, and matches won in post-season play,” Marques said. “It will change every year based on the previous season’s results.”

Changes in place for girls high school tennis in the fall 2018 include limiting the Power Rankings based on the previous three years of play versus four or five years. Other upcoming changes in the City Conference include:

  • All San Diego City Conference coaches and teams will be using Google Docs for future communication.
  • Match times for team duel competition may change based on new start times for various high schools. For example, a delayed first period from 7:30am to 8:30 or 9am, will change when athletic practices and matches can begin.
  • Additional playoff matches will be offered for 3rd and 4th place in league championships.

“The bottom line  is the City Conference is striving to stay current with changing school systems, academic requirements, and sport and scheduling issues,” Marquez said. “All suggestions are considered by the Athletic Council, and if approved, they are posted in the Blue Book.”

For more information about the San Diego City Conference contact However, all rules are covered in the City Conference Blue Book for all sports including tennis at:




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