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Tennis Perfection In Southern California?

RALLYING WITH THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR What Would Tennis Perfection In Southern California Look Like To Me? Perfection would include people, places and programs that run the gamut of saturating the… Read more »

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How Can The SCTA Help Create A Convenient Schedule For Junior & Adult Play?

For a business to thrive and succeed, it must make its products easy to find and utilize. This is the year of the “Easy and Better Route 66 Tennis Pipeline”… Read more »

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The Big Question: What’s the Difference Between a USTA Play Day, Tennis Festival or a Play Event?

What a difference words can make in the world of USTA tennis! For example, take a look at the following commonly used terms: a Play Day, Tennis Festival and a… Read more »

March is the Month to Celebrate USTA Play Days and Events

This year, the first 2,000 unique organizers that will host a USTA Play Day or Play Event during the month of March will receive a $50 gift card. The… Read more »

Youth Progression Photos

Youth Progression

For those with children playing tennis that are 10 and younger, there will be a major change in January 2017. Southern California Junior Tennis will be rolling out the new… Read more »

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What Would Tennis Perfection In Southern California Look Like To Me?

Rallying With The Executive Director Perfection would look like people, places and programs.  Let’s start with the people. Advocates If we had people dedicated to protecting the courts in every… Read more »